Lumen Technologies partners KnowBe4 to drive cyber awareness in APAC

Lumen Technologies partners KnowBe4 to drive cyber awareness in APAC

To offer customers security awareness training and test campaigns as a managed service.

Cheah Wai Kit (Lumen Technologies)

Cheah Wai Kit (Lumen Technologies)

Credit: Lumen Technologies

Lumen Technologies has partnered with security awareness training provider KnowBe4 to drive cyber awareness and strengthen ‘security culture’ across organisations in the Asia Pacific region.

As part of the partnership, customers can tap on KnowBe4’s solution, the Cybersecurity Security Awareness Training and Phishing Test Campaigns, as a managed service.

They aim to enable customers to identify gaps in security knowledge across the organisation and train and prepare employees to handle cybersecurity risks.

Customers can also look forward to in-depth compliance reports and follow-up recommendations derived from data-led risk assessments.

“We’re thrilled to work with Lumen Technologies in APAC to deliver KnowBe4’s security awareness training and simulated phishing platform to even more organisations across the region,” said Tony Jennings, EVP of international and global channel sales at KnowBe4.

“This new partnership will introduce more occasions to help organisations better manage the ongoing problem of social engineering.

“Beyond that, a greater impact will also be made on customers as we work together with Lumen Technologies to further secure the human firewall, as well as other platform defences through Lumen’s comprehensive suite of security solutions. This is an exceptional opportunity to help drive real behaviour change to ultimately enhance security culture.”

In addition, Lumen’s managed security awareness service aims to provide a “structured” and compliant way of delivering security training with an intelligent tracking and reporting to customers like cyber insurance providers.

“In the APAC region, human errors have been the primary cause of cyberattacks,” said Cheah Wai Kit, senior director of  APAC Products and Practices at Lumen Technologies.

“Recognising that people are the last line of defence, Lumen and KnowBe4 have joined forces to reinforce enterprises’ 'human firewall' through regular employee education on risk awareness and vigilance.

“This partnership enables Lumen customers to access a variety of training content and phishing tests. With Lumen's security credentials, advisory services and advanced threat detection expertise, combined with KnowBe4's integrated security awareness training platform, we help protect organisations and proactively reduce cyber risks.”

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