BastionZero releases SplitCert for password-free authentication and access

BastionZero releases SplitCert for password-free authentication and access

Initial release of SplitCert supports password-less, certificate-based access to popular databases Postgres and MongoDB.

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BastionZero has announced the release of SplitCert to provide password-free authentication access to databases. It uses Mutual TLS (mTLS) and cryptographic multi-party computation (MPC) to provide certificate-based authentication for popular, self-hosted Postgres and MongoDB databases, according to the vendor.

Other new BastionZero platform features include passwordless access support for GCP cloud SQL and AWS RDS via a new desktop app, along with password-free support for Microsoft Windows servers with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), BastionZero said.

Passwords can be a major security headache for businesses, with weak and reused passwords often rife among employees who struggle to maintain and remember unique logins across vast numbers of accounts. Passwords are a principal weakness involved in 81% of all hacking breaches, while inherent useability problems make passwords difficult for users to manage safely.

SplitCert generates mTLS certificates from two “shards” stored in two locations

SplitCert generates one-time mTLS client certificates from two key “shards” that are stored in two independent locations, BastionZero said in a press release. Cryptographic MPC is then used to generate one-time mTLS client certificates from the two independently stored shards, it added.

By storing the shards in independent locations, SplitCert eliminates the single point of compromise associated with the storage and maintenance of database passwords. It is invisible to end users and supports database access via popular existing database clients and workflows, BastionZero said.

“With SplitCert, we’ve leveraged modern cryptographic techniques to ensure that our customers don’t need to trust anyone with their database credentials, not even us,” commented Sharon Goldberg, PhD, CEO and co-founder, BastionZero.

In addition to the SplitCert release, BastionZero’s new desktop app creates a simple point-and-click path for users to access Windows, Linux, database, and Kubernetes targets, the firm said. The release includes a feature that supports locking down Windows infrastructure access with RDP, it added.

Support for password-less authentication continues to grow

Support for password-less authentication and access has been growing in recent years as organisations and the technology sector seek more secure, reliable sign-in alternatives that help limit the risks of password reliance.

Passkeys are a kind of passwordless authentication seeing increasing focus and adoption, with Google now rolling out support for passkeys across Google Accounts on all major platforms.

Last month, the FIDO Alliance released new user experience guidelines to help accelerate the deployment and adoption of passkeys.

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