Cohesity expands Google Cloud alliance, unveils new AI capabilities

Cohesity expands Google Cloud alliance, unveils new AI capabilities

Providing joint customers with an enterprise-grade solution for application backup and recovery.

Sanjay Poonen (Cohesity)

Sanjay Poonen (Cohesity)

Credit: Cohesity

Cohesity has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to deliver generative artificial intelligence (AI) and data solutions.

With the aim of providing joint customers with an enterprise-grade solution for application backup and recovery, Cohesity is extending its Data Cloud platform and working to have ‘deeper integrations’ with cloud services like Google Cloud’s Vertex AI – a fully managed machine learning (ML) platform.

“Vertex AI is one of the best platforms for building, deploying, managing and scaling ML models – and we’re excited that Cohesity is joining our growing open ecosystem to help more customers get value from their data via AI,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.

“Cohesity’s excellent data security and management capabilities, combined with Google Cloud’s powerful generative AI and analytics capabilities, will help customers get exceptional insights into their backup and archived data.”

According to Cohesity, the combination of its data security and management capabilities and Vertex AI will enable customers to gain new insights into the same data they are already securing and managing on Cohesity’s platform.

Through this integration, customers could, for instance, quickly search across exabytes of data to gain insights into data patterns, like finding anomalies in their data to detect threats, or find answers to very specific questions, or quickly recover data using contextual searches.

“To apply generative AI transformatively, businesses need to be able to easily get rapid insights from their data utilising cutting-edge and leading AI/ML models,” added Sanjay Poonen, CEO and president of Cohesity.

“We are excited to be leading the charge in generative AI in the data security and management industry, as we build out next-gen generative AI solutions for our category. We also agree with Google that AI must be handled securely and responsibly.”

Poonen also touted Cohesity’s “phenomenal search” function due to its built-in indexing capabilities and also highlighted “robust security protocols” for customers to maintain control and privacy of their data.

In addition, the vendor is rolling out Cohesity Turing – a collection of AI/ML capabilities and technologies that are integrated into its multicloud data platform and solutions.

The new offering seeks to support organisations with the latest AI capabilities to drive more efficient operations, provide greater insight into security risks, and derive more value from data.

Some of the capabilities within the new offering include ransomware anomaly detection, threat intelligence, data classification and predictive capacity planning.

Cohesity also revealed plans to build retrieval augmented generation (RAG) AI model workflows to enable customers to gain deeper insights and discovery from data or quickly find content in petabytes of data. 

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