New date for Channel Asia Women in ICT Awards 2023

New date for Channel Asia Women in ICT Awards 2023

New nominations can still be submitted by 26 May.

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A new date has been set for the Women in ICT Awards in 2023, setting the industry benchmark for female excellence as gender diversity and inclusion (D&I) takes centre stage in Southeast Asia.

Channel Asia has celebrated gender D&I and recognised female excellence across the ASEAN channel since first launching WIICTA in 2019, providing a platform to showcase influential figures across the local industry.

Now set for 25 August 2023 at St Regis in Singapore, WIICTA will honour the channel across eight categories, spanning Innovation, Technical, Entrepreneur, Graduate, Rising Star, Shining Star, Achievement and D&I Champion (Company and Individual) awards.

Nominations that have been previously submitted will still stand and new submissions will close on Friday 26 May 2023.

New nominations can be submitted by an individual, an employee, employer or business partner. Note only ASEAN-based individuals are eligible, with finalists and winners selected by an executive judging panel of business leaders from partner, vendor and distributor organisations.

Eligible markets in ASEAN include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, in addition to Hong Kong.

From early-stage graduates to experienced industry leaders -- and everyone in-between -- WIICTA recognises inspiring examples of female creativity and ingenuity in equal measure, spanning all job functions and disciplines across all states and territories. 

This is in addition to pioneering organisations and individuals who have gone beyond surface-level commitments through the introduction of policies and programs to meet D&I goals.

At an industry-defining celebration held at Shangri-La Singapore in 2022, a total of 136 finalists (124 individuals and 12 companies) were honoured from a pool of over 200 nominations, spanning partner, start-up, vendor and distributor businesses.

This culminated in more than 250 attendees -- the largest ever in-person audience for the market’s leading gender diversity and inclusion (D&I) awards program -- coming together under the Channel Asia roof to set the industry benchmark for female achievement and accomplishment.

Since launching four years ago, the collective aim of WIICTA remains unchanged – to ensure as many outstanding women are endorsed through this unique awards program as possible, aligned to the unified goal of providing a platform upon which aspiring female talent can shine across ASEAN.

Set for Friday 25 August 2023, the winners will be announced at an in-person celebration lunch at St Regis in Singapore.

Channel Asia WIICTA categories in 2023:


This award recognises a creative-thinking candidate who is a standout in bringing innovation to life through a big picture and out-of-the-box approach to business. This individual is unrivalled at converting embryonic ideas into viable working solutions through a unique thought process designed to continually push the envelope.



This award recognises excellence in the form of technical and engineering expertise, honouring deep domain knowledge in relation to technology products, solutions and services. This candidate has provided business value through specialised skills and competence, spanning technical, pre-sales and support roles.



This award recognises an enterprising candidate with a risk-taking mentality, honouring excellence in launching new ventures, products or services. This individual has a proven background in building innovation from the ground up, evident through converting market-leading ideas into viable business offerings.



This award recognises a standout graduate candidate who has leveraged apprenticeship programs to start a career within the ICT industry. Open to all roles and responsibilities, this individual has made an immediate and positive impact on the business through providing a fresh perspective and high levels of professionalism. Note: This award is open to candidates involved in a graduate program between 2020-2023.



This award recognises a standout candidate rising through the ranks within the ICT industry, acknowledging significant advancement during the early stages of her technology career. This individual is growing in stature and importance through demonstrating outstanding business acumen, deep market expertise and high levels of professional integrity. Note: This award is open to candidates with 10 years or less experience within the ICT industry.



This award recognises an established candidate with a strong record of achievement, acknowledging excellence in spearheading company initiatives and driving strategic change. This individual is a consistent high performer who regularly achieves standout business results and continues to assume increased levels of seniority within the organisation. Note: This award is open to candidates with between 11-20 years’ experience within the ICT industry.



This award recognises a standout candidate who has delivered an unrivalled contribution to the ICT industry, evident through outstanding professional and personal achievements. This individual has earned a reputation as an esteemed thought leader following a distinguished career as both a business leader and role model for aspiring executives. Note: This award is open to candidates with 21 years or more experience within the ICT industry.


D&I CHAMPION – Company

This award recognises the standout company in driving diversity and inclusion (D&I) across all aspects of the business, spanning employees, customers and key stakeholders. This organisation has gone beyond a surface-level commitment through the introduction of policies and programs to meet D&I goals, evident through targeted initiatives, strong leadership and clearly defined deliverables. Note: This award is open to all aspects of diversity and inclusion (gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, etc.).


D&I CHAMPION – Individual

This award recognises an influential individual who actively drives diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives through mentoring and thought leadership across the ICT industry. This candidate acts as a role model for aspiring executives, cultivating diverse teams to drive change both internally and externally. Note: This award is open to all aspects of diversity and inclusion (gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, etc.).


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