Huawei Cloud and TOGL power Malaysia’s internet services

Huawei Cloud and TOGL power Malaysia’s internet services

Agreement outlined the areas of metaverse, virtual experiences, livestreaming, big data and AI for both parties to collaborate on.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Malaysian internet technology company TOGL has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Huawei Cloud to create a new user experience for the nation.

The agreement outlined the areas of metaverse, virtual experiences, livestreaming, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) for both parties to collaborate on. 

Powered by Huawei Cloud, TOGL’s portfolio of applications includes social networking platform Yippi, e-commerce platform TopzMall, and travel service portal TogaGo.

In particular, Yippi provides services ranging from social networking, payment, e-commerce, travel, entertainment, video calls, to healthcare, while also supporting live events such as concerts, award ceremonies, and product launches. 

According to the Malaysian provider, as they had a growing user base and content which was putting pressure on their systems, they needed a more flexible architecture.

Turning to the Huawei Cloud Container Engine (CCE) Turbo and Relational Database Service (RDS), TOGL rearchitected its systems with containers to easily survive traffic spikes, disclosing that it had added up to 3,000 pods in just one minute. 

Meanwhile, RDS is designed to read and write stored user information, comments, recommendations, and rewards in seconds.

Additionally, Yippi integrates video on demand (VOD) into multiple services to ensure user acquisition and retention with quality video playbacks.

TOGL is leveraging Huawei Cloud VOD for its viewers enjoy smooth playbacks, citing that it has seen a 50 percent reduction in public network bandwidth costs.

At the MOU signing ceremony, Zeng Xingyun, president of Asia Pacific at Huawei Cloud and TOGL’s CMO Roy Lim Jun Hao, stated that TOGL is striving to “make people's lives better and help small- and medium-sized enterprises grow”.

TOGL claimed that a “diversified layout and innovative business model” have fueled its growth, on top of partnerships with tech companies such as Huawei Cloud. 

Huawei Cloud also reaffirmed it will “dive deeper” into technologies and services that support the growth of internet companies like TOGL.

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