Cisco partners NOW to bring 5G to the Philippines

Cisco partners NOW to bring 5G to the Philippines

Leveraging Cisco’s solutions-as-a-service offerings to transform its telecoms, media and tech businesses.

The MoU was signed by Henry Andrews Abes (NOW), Rene L. Rosales ( NOW) and Sanjay Kaul (Cisco).

The MoU was signed by Henry Andrews Abes (NOW), Rene L. Rosales ( NOW) and Sanjay Kaul (Cisco).

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Filipino conglomerate NOW has partnered up with Cisco to transform its business and develop its 5G communication systems and networks.

They signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) and have plans to collaborate on efforts to bring 5G services across the Philippines – all of which align with contributing to the nation’s 2030 vision and national transformation plan. 

The alliance aims to bring ‘monetisable’ 5G solutions to customers and enable the deployment of ‘secure and reliable’ 5G services and applications for the public sector, key enterprise organisations as well as consumers.

NOW – which operates businesses in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors – will leverage Cisco’s solutions-as-a-service offerings to provide customers with ‘faster, more agile’ and scalable on-demand solutions that can be adapted to their business needs.

NOW will access Cisco’s solutions that can offer improved connectivity, cybersecurity, and cloud computing technologies to help its customers communicate and collaborate.

“NOW Group is determined to bring about true 5G and NBN technologies in the Philippines, together with its partnership with the US government,” said Mel Velarde, chairman of NOW.

“Cisco, being a technology leader, will definitely play a significant role in enabling NOW's network with best of class technologies.”

In addition, NOW can tap on Cisco’s extensive experience and expertise in providing solutions for various industries, which can help them tailor their offerings to better suit the needs of their enterprise customers.

Cisco hopes this collaboration will enable NOW to offer comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that are customised to meet the needs of each enterprise customer.

“Given the ongoing digitisation of businesses, mobile carriers will require the advanced capabilities of 5G networks such as high speed, low latency, reliability, and dynamic provisioning,” said Sanjay Kaul, president of Cisco's service provider business in the Asia Pacific and Japan region.

“Through our partnership with NOW, we can support their network infrastructure’s transition into this new era of digitisation by harnessing the potential of 5G technology.”

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