Procore spurs digital transformation for Filipino construction firms

Procore spurs digital transformation for Filipino construction firms

Under the PCA Digital Transformation Program.

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Construction management software provider Procore Technologies has partnered with the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) to launch a digital transformation program for the construction industry.

Under the PCA Digital Transformation Program, both parties aim to extend the network of technically-skilled professionals in the construction industry and instruct up to 150 PCA members on the use of Procore’s software in 2023.

“The construction industry is slow in keeping up with the advancement of technology – not for the lack of technology solutions, but rather a skills gap in using the technology,” said Bruce Wells, vice president of Asia at Procore.

“Providing the necessary tools and training is critical in moving the entire industry forward into a more productive, efficient and safe environment to work in. Procore is excited to be a key player in accelerating the digital transformation journey for the construction workforce in the Philippines.”

As part of the program, PCA has identified nine individuals from its partners and member firms who will first be trained by a Procore strategic product consultant on the Procore platform. Following the training, these selected PCA members will then be qualified to serve as trainers who will lead technical workshops for the rest of the PCA members. 

Additionally, PCA members will receive complimentary access to a Procore account and will undergo technical workshops on subjects such as project management, quality, and safety. At the end of the workshops, members will complete online certification courses which validate their knowledge and expertise in using the Procore solution. 

“Globally, the construction industry is facing a skilled workforce shortage that cannot be solved overnight,” added Barry Paulino, executive director of PCA.

“The Philippines’ construction industry is therefore undergoing a rapid digital transformation push to address this challenge, by enhancing the productivity and upskilling our current workforce to ensure they stay relevant and competitive in the global arena. We are thrilled to be partnering with Procore to help future-proof our local construction industry, and be a frontrunner in the digital era.”

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