Kyndryl targets enterprise growth with new integration platform

Kyndryl targets enterprise growth with new integration platform

Dubbed Kyndryl Bridge, the platform leverages the vendor’s core technology strengths.

Martin Schroeter (Kyndryl)

Martin Schroeter (Kyndryl)

Credit: Kyndryl

Kyndryl has unveiled a new open integration platform intended to deliver real-time insights into complex IT estates and control over customising mission-critical operations for enterprises. 

Dubbed Kyndryl Bridge, the platform leverages the vendor’s core technology strengths, combining decades of expertise, operational data patterns and IP to generate actionable insights that aims to redefine how enterprises improve and accelerate their AI-powered analytics and business objectives. 

Designed with configurability in mind, Kyndryl Bridge is evolving to deploy ready-made, industrial scale solutions from Kyndryl and its partner ecosystem. Specifically, its intelligent management tools, powered by automation and AI, seeks to provide technology leaders with real-time insights to prevent downtime and better forecast future needs and costs.

“Dealing with complexity is what Kyndryl does best, and what customers need most. Kyndryl Bridge will be a way for our customers, and Kyndryl, to run their mission-critical infrastructure and digital transformation journeys better,” Kyndryl CEO and chairman, Martin Schroeter, said. 

“Kyndryl is committed to transforming how IT services are delivered, and Kyndryl Bridge is core to our long-term strategic mission to grow our ecosystem of alliance partners, use tools and IP to create a robust advanced delivery system, and ultimately dedicate more expertise and focus to best serve customers at scale.”

According to the service provider, the new platform integrates and connects the complex management and process tools that global enterprises rely upon, reportedly reducing the number of incidents per server per month for enterprises by 74 percent on average. 

“By enabling leaders to focus less on managing IT systems, they can build and support their digital business strategies while freeing up IT resources for higher-value work,” added Antoine Shagoury, Kyndryl’s CTO. “It provides greater access and control over critical tools, and Kyndryl experts in cloud, data and AI, security and resiliency, mainframe modernization, and other important aspects of the IT estate.”

For customers, the platform is set to maximise the benefits of native multi-cloud capabilities and delivers an ‘as-a-service’ (aaS) operating environment. It is designed to be a strategic digital hub that intends to scale, connecting Kyndryl’s technology and tooling with “a deep bench of industry expertise and forward-thinking innovators” across a large variety of sectors globally.

“As customers accelerate their digital transformation, Kyndryl’s new digital integration platform can help provide rich data insights, solutions automation, and services delivery expertise,” said Nick Holden, vice president of Global Strategic Partners and Co-sell at Cisco. 

“Kyndryl Bridge is a big step forward to enable Kyndryl and Cisco to deliver business outcomes that our joint customers are demanding.”

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