Telin taps Cisco to power network upgrades in Indonesia

Telin taps Cisco to power network upgrades in Indonesia

Telin’s IP and Optical networks will be converged onto Cisco’s unified platform.

Nanang Hendarno (Telin)

Nanang Hendarno (Telin)

Credit: Telin

Telin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia, is collaborating with Cisco to accelerate the conversion of its 100G network to 400G.

The agreement will see Telin’s IP and Optical networks converged onto Cisco’s unified platform. The upgrade to 400G will support Telin’s 2.5Tbps service speed in Indonesia’s metro areas and the long-haul network’s planned expansion to 2.6Tbps.

The partnership comes as demand for data in Indonesia and globally is “accelerating”, and will make Telin among the first international telcos in Indonesia to adopt Cisco Routed Optical Networking technology in its network architecture.

"This new 400G wavelength network will offer a fourfold increase in maximum data transfer speed compared to 100G, enabling Telin to provide stable critical connectivity to our customers," said Nanang Hendarno, CTO of Telin. "The Cisco Routed Optical Networking (RON) solution streamlines and strengthens our network capacity, providing a superior customer experience while also optimising Telin’s CAPEX and OPEX utilisation."

In addition to increasing data transfer speed, Telin is looking to enhance capacity and scalability while reducing footprint and power for a lower carbon impact. According to a network modelling of the solution, the upgrade showed "up to 40-45 per cent power reduction and real estate optimisation".

Meanwhile, with IOS XR7 modularity, programmability "minimises human intervention during set-up and operation, reducing onsite operations".

Furthermore, the telco aims to reduce the amount of truck rolls, maintenance windows and packaging while increasing recycling in hopes of achieving their CO2 emission goals without compromising on technological innovations.

“Converging the IP and Optical networks is the first step to a future-proof Routed Optical Networking (RON) that is based on open standards," added Meygin Agustina, country director of Service Provider Business in Indonesia at Cisco. "Telin will benefit from higher and more efficient wavelength utilisation and high availability from a more scalable and converged network.

“With Cisco Routed Optical Networks, Telin will also be able to increase capacity and scalability while reducing its footprint and power consumption resulting in a much lower carbon impact, thanks to Cisco’s routed optical network solution and Cisco 8000 routers. This will reduce the internet systems from six points of connection to two, streamlining hardware and reducing OPEX by 50 per cent."

Telin will conduct a trial of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) with 400G transponders that will leverage Optical Transport Network (OTN) technologies to support high-capacity traffic. 

The DWDM will be further supported by NCS55 and ASR 9000 series routers in both the core and aggregation network, accompanied by Cisco’s Terabit high-density LightSpeed Plus interfaces for 400GE support.

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