​Nansen taps Google Cloud and Searce to bolster data services

​Nansen taps Google Cloud and Searce to bolster data services

Extended collaboration aims to accelerate Nansen’s introduction of product lines that serve new audiences.

Ruma Balasubramanian (Google Cloud)

Ruma Balasubramanian (Google Cloud)

Credit: Google Cloud

Nansen is teaming up with Google Cloud and Searce to empower Web3 investors to make informed decisions with real-time access to market intelligence using the vendor's portfolio of infrastructure and data services.

Together with Searce – a global managed services provider (MSP) and partner of Google Cloud – the extended collaboration aims to accelerate Singapore-based Nansen’s introduction of product lines that serve new audiences, supercharge its next phase of global growth, and establish itself as the information “super app” for Web3.

To achieve this, Nansen will tap Google Cloud’s analytics and computing capabilities with application programming interfaces together with its node deployment and hosting service to connect into selected Layer-1 blockchain protocols.

On top of that, Google’s web and mobile application development platform will be leveraged to give investors an aggregated view of their portfolios across Web3 native wallets like Coinbase, MetaMask, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, and imToken. This will then form the basis of investors communicating with each other and engaging in over-the-counter (OTC) trades within the Nansen platform.

Also, market makers, hedge fund managers, and asset managers can use Nansen’s proprietary data to train their own algorithms to anticipate market movements, generate bespoke reports and metrics, and conduct due diligence – all within their firms’ mandated IT systems and visualisation tools.

Furthermore, to help customers discover and assess investment opportunities on trending smart contract platforms and digital assets, Nansen is extending its database management capabilities to support 10 additional blockchains and deliver insight into fast-emerging sectors of the non-fungible-token (NFT) market.

“Nansen’s desire to organise large volumes of blockchain data to surface signals and make them universally accessible and useful aligns with Google’s mission,” said Ruma Balasubramanian, managing director of Southeast Asia at Google Cloud. 

“We are proud to collaborate with Nansen and contribute to its innovation and business momentum through our open, secure, scalable, and sustainable cloud infrastructure, data services, and collaboration tools.”

Alex Svanevik, co-founder and CEO of Nansen, described his team as “Google Cloud maximalists” due to their use of BigQuery’s “low-latency lookups and dynamic autoscaling capabilities” in enabling analysis of “up to one petabyte of on-chain transactions data per day, extract millions of easy-to-understand labels that show users where the ‘smart money’ is going, and increase our subscriber base by 20 times in the past year.”

“As we attract more users and bring all the market intelligence an individual or institution needs under one roof – by integrating with more proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain and off-chain data sources – we’re doubling down on Google Cloud to stay ahead of multiple growth dimensions,” added Svanevik.

Andrei Brasoveanu, a partner at Accel which backs Nansen, suggested that Web3 would not only transform finance, but also “become the fabric of gaming, culture, art, entertainment, and music, with its total addressable market set to expand even further in the years to come.”

“Nansen – with its founders’ deep technical experience and close collaboration with Google Cloud – is building an all-in-one platform for investors to differentiate quality from hype, emerge as winners, and help the industry grow," he added.

"The company continues to take the right strategic steps following its Series B fundraise, and we’re excited to be active participants in this next phase of growth and development."

Having doubled the size of its team in the past year, Nansen has adopted Google Workspace to enable its engineers, developers, and data scientists to build innovative features that add value to the business, instead of spending an excessive amount of time managing complex IT infrastructure.

With Google Cloud’s automated workflow orchestration, data filtering and messaging delivery technologies absorbing what would have been laborious tasks for engineers, Nansen can reassign them to projects that require human creativity, while continuing to serve notifications of relevant events and trends in real-time – called Smart Alerts – to help investors defend their trading positions.

“We pride ourselves on being very quick in shipping new updates," said Svanevik. "From Smart Alerts to six NFT Indexes – each new feature can be designed in a matter of hours, before we iterate further, test it in stealth mode, and roll it out in a scalable way."

He explained that automating application deployment and upgrades “with zero downtime” complements Nansen’s agile product development cycle as it reduces manpower needed to run manual backend configurations.

Under Nansen’s NFT Price Estimator, Nansen’s data scientists turned to Google Cloud’s Vertex AIto bring the feature to life in weeks, rather than spend months building machine learning (ML) pipelines from scratch.

On this, Svanevik outlined that beyond building ML-powered features, building a “strong technical foundation – with qualified Site Reliability Engineers to optimise overheads – is needed before taking a deeper plunge into artificial intelligence (AI).”

“Nansen is now battle-tested and mature enough, from an infrastructure, data, and talent perspective, to make active use of services like Cloud Inference API and TensorFlow," he added.

"We expect a lot of progress over the next few months in developing predictive modelling and recommendation systems, to surface more AI-driven investment signals that will amplify value creation across the Web3 community."

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