Deloitte forms service delivery alliance with ​Neo4j in Southeast Asia

Deloitte forms service delivery alliance with ​Neo4j in Southeast Asia

Partnership represents market-first for graph technology vendor in Asia.

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Deloitte Consulting and Neo4j have formed an alliance to deliver a graph data platform and graph data science offerings to customers across Southeast Asia, representing a market-first in the region.

Under the agreement, Neo4j will provide product and technical support to Deloitte and eventually to the end-customer, while the consultancy firm will offer advisory and implementation services to build graph-powered solutions to fit end-user needs.

The partnership will focus on multiple verticals, including logistics and transportation, telecommunications, financial services, and government and public services.

According to Nik Vora, vice president of Asia Pacific at Neo4j, the alliance means customers will be able to “counter the challenges of dealing with dynamic, complex relationships between data to achieve strategic business goals".

“We’re excited to collaborate with Deloitte, which has a trusted reputation across the Southeast Asian region and around the world," Vora said. "Deloitte has proven solution delivery capability, and together, we have a shared vision of helping customers derive deep insights from ever growing, highly interconnected datasets.

"The demand for graph data platforms continues to grow – at Neo4j alone we experienced 100 per cent growth in Asia Pacific in 2021, with accelerated demand coming from a wide range of industries, including financial services, travel, retail, public sector, and healthcare organisations wanting to solve complex business problems with Neo4j."

The Neo4j Graph Database facilitates enterprise knowledge graphs to be built and data scientists can then use advanced analytics techniques on that data by leveraging Neo4j Graph Data Science – this in turn enables use cases from fraud and anomaly detection to supply chain optimisation.

The collaboration is set to deliver greater predictive accuracy with graph analysis techniques that perform at scale, hence enabling the management of hundreds of billions of nodes and relationships. Users can also improve models through a library of graph algorithms, machine learning pipelines, and data science methods.

Chris Lewin, AI and Data practice leader at Deloitte Consulting in Southeast Asia, said the partnership will focus on three key pillars – knowledge graphs, networks, and customer 360.

"With the rise of graph data platforms in the region, Neo4j is the ideal partner for Deloitte to enhance our value proposition for customers by advising and implementing high impact and insights driven solutions such as knowledge graphs," Lewin added.

"Deloitte has developed knowledge graph accelerators to enable organisations to quickly adopt and leverage the power of knowledge graphs.

"Neo4j’s world-leading platform combines user-friendly tools with a powerful library of production-ready graph algorithms that can help our customers generate insights to drive growth and give their businesses a competitive edge."

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