Apple says new M2 chip won’t beat Intel’s finest

Apple says new M2 chip won’t beat Intel’s finest

M2 MacBook is actually slower than a Core i7, Apple says.

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Expectations have been running exceptionally high for Apple's new M2 processor to outpace Intel's best CPUs, but in the end, the M2 won't beat Intel's fastest chips. That was the news from Apple's WWDC keynote Monday.

The new 8-core M2 processor will appear in a redesigned MacBook Air, as well as in an updated MacBook Pro laptop. The M2 features 50 percent more memory bandwidth than the M1, and CPU performance is 18 percent faster, Apple stated.

But despite its cutting edge 5nm TSMC process and 20 billion transistors, Apple actually said the new M2 is slower than Intel's best chips.

Obviously, Apple wasn't emphasising that narrative, and its performance slide below shows the new M2 besting an Intel 10-core Core i7-1255U in a Samsung Galaxy Book 2 360.

What exactly Apple is claiming the M2 is faster in, well, we don't know, as the company has never publicly defined the meaning of its performance criteria. We have no doubt it's based on reality, as public companies don't make things up in fear of lawsuits, and the original M1 is a stunningly fast chip.

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