Google Cloud and Awantec partner to power Malaysian digital citizen services

Google Cloud and Awantec partner to power Malaysian digital citizen services

Agreement established in official ceremony hosted by MAMPU and Malaysian Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri.

Credit: Google Cloud

Google Cloud and AwanBiru Technology (Awantec) have signed a new Cloud Framework Agreement (CFA) with the Malaysian Government to accelerate public sector innovation and the delivery of digital citizen-centric services.

The agreement was established in an official ceremony hosted by the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) and the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Ismail Sabri.

The CFA reinforces Google Cloud’s commitment to supporting the Malaysian Government’s MyDIGITAL blueprint which aims to bridge the digital divide and grow the country’s digital economy.

Terms of the agreement will see Malaysia’s public sector gain access to Google Cloud’s cloud infrastructure, data warehouse, data security, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and application modernisation capabilities, in addition to privacy and compliance controls, Carbon Sense Suite and other cloud-native tools.

Such services can be accessed in any of Google Cloud’s 88 availability zones in 29 geographic regions across the world, as well as its 146 network edge locations.

Sherie Ng, country director of Singapore and Malaysia at Google Cloud, described the upward trend of Malaysian online consumers using digital services as a “permanent shift” since the pandemic, and commended MAMPU’s cloud-first policy that will “significantly accelerate the development of next-generation citizen-centric services.”

“Having signed this CFA with the Malaysian Government, we look forward to playing an active role in bringing the next phase of its MyDIGITAL blueprint to life,” she said.

Credit: Google Cloud

“By offering government agencies easier access to flexible, scalable, secure and sustainable cloud infrastructure and services, we aim to help them realise new possibilities in public service delivery to serve the rakyat – be it in education, healthcare, transport, or financial inclusion etc – and contribute to the vision of establishing Malaysia as a regional digital economic powerhouse by 2030.”

As per the agreement, managed service provider (MSP) Awantec will offer technology consulting and digital skilling programs to public sector agencies, such as conducting user research, supporting rapid prototyping using Google Cloud tools, and driving best practices for cloud implementations at scale.

Rezal Rahman, CEO of Awantec, acknowledged the provider's partnership with Google Cloud and their joint efforts “to innovate and deliver critical new citizen-centric services at scale”.

“As MAMPU continues to advance Malaysia’s MyDIGITAL initiative and play an integral role in our country’s vision of becoming the Heart of Digital Asean, the CFA will enable government agencies to streamline cloud adoption processes and infrastructure costs, and take advantage of the latest cloud-based tools and capabilities, such as in the areas of data analytics, AI, ML, and the internet of things (IoT) to elevate the citizen experience,” added Rahman.

Prior to the CFA, Google Cloud and Awantec entered into an agreement with Malaysia’s Ministry of Education in July 2021 to provide Google Workspace to public schools, seeking to boost staff productivity and elevate students’ learning experience while keeping their work, identities, and privacy safe through security controls.

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