NEC maximises facial recognition to enhance guest experiences at Hotel JEN in Singapore

NEC maximises facial recognition to enhance guest experiences at Hotel JEN in Singapore

Partnership designed to improve customer experience in the hospitality sector.

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NEC has deployed a contactless check-in solution at JEN Singapore Orchardgateway and JEN Singapore Tanglin locations, a project which aims to bring more efficient, customised and connected experiences to guests.

In partnership with JEN by Shangri-La Hotels, the facial recognition technology taps on NEC’s biometric authentication brand ‘Bio-IDiom’ -- this features “accurate precision and pairs recognition” with real-time identification, verification and situation analysis.

“We are delighted and proud to deploy our smart check-in and check-out solution, and support Hotel JEN’s transformation in Singapore,” said Loke Siew Yeng, vice president of Digital Business across Asia Pacific at NEC. “Customer experience, particularly now that leisure travel is making a comeback, is of paramount importance.

“The hospitality industry must adapt or risk being left behind. By adopting an open and collaborative partnership with Hotel JEN, we were able to co-create a solution that addresses current needs and is also scalable to address future requirements that may come.”

The solution aims to offer accelerated and simplified contactless check-in and check-out processes while reducing contact between guests and hotel staff.

“With a high-tech, high-touch service philosophy, JEN by Shangri-La are lifestyle-centric hotels that offer cutting-edge technology, so that guests can make the most out of their stay,” added Vathsala Subramaniam, general manager of JEN Singapore Tanglin.

“The check-in process is a significant part of our guests’ arrival experience. It presents the first impression and sets the tone of the rest of one’s stay. Hence, we looked closely into this and sought intelligent hassle-free front desk solutions to enhance the check-in and check-out processes.”

To further enhance the guest experience, the unmanned solution deployed at standalone kiosks in both JEN hotels comes equipped with e-visitor authentication capabilities, which uses facial recognition technology to verify a guest's identity and validate their stay with the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Once this back-end process is done, a room key will be dispensed and the check-in process will be completed within minutes.

“Through the implementation of NEC’s digital check-in kiosk, we wanted to increase our check-in capabilities and offer guests a ‘fast-lane’ option,” noted Allen Khoo, general manager of JEN Singapore Orchardgateway.

“With the added check-in resource, we could also minimise the time guests spend waiting in queues. At the same time, it relieves the administrative workload, allowing us to focus on more meaningful interactions with our guests and providing them with memorable experiences during their stay.”

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