SuperNap commits to data centre sustainability in Thailand

SuperNap commits to data centre sustainability in Thailand

Data centre specialist to offset 18,250 tons of CO2 emission.

Sunita Bottse (SuperNap)

Sunita Bottse (SuperNap)

Credit: SuperNap

SuperNap is adopting a green approach to transformation through an agreement with WHA Utilities and Power (WHAUP) to bring renewable energy to digital infrastructure in Thailand.

The move will see the business produce its own energy and substantially lower its carbon footprint aligned to corporate environmental goals -- helping customers reduce electricity costs while also offsetting 18,250 tons of CO2 emission.

To achieve such goals, the technology specialist is working in partnership with WHAUP to implement a solar panel farm built on its data centre premises located in the Economic Eastern Corridor (EEC), which sits outside the Bangkok flood zone and is close to an international network landing station with links across the country.

The agreement spans engineering, procurement and construction offerings, alongside an energy storage system to store excess power and reuse when the solar energy system cannot generate enough power to satisfy market demand. WHAUP will also be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system for the next 20 years with the project -- which began in early April -- expected to close by the end of the year.

“SuperNap is the forerunner in the region since our hyperscale facility opened in 2017,” said Sunita Bottse, CEO of SuperNap. “Since then, our leading technology provides 100 per cent uptime and our commitment to provide the best digital infrastructure is once again demonstrated with this initiative towards efficiency and sustainability.

“WHAUP has been chosen to install the solar power system at SuperNap because of its expertise in engineering and safety and its solid experience in the installation of solar power systems.”

According to Dr. Niphon Bundechanan -- speaking as CEO of WHAUP -- SuperNap houses the “most advanced technology” in ASEAN, underpinned by Tier-IV certified data centre colocation and cloud services capabilities.

“It is driven by demand in Asia Pacific for purpose-built data centres that can guarantee performance, availability and disaster risk reduction,” Bundechanan added. “The growth of data and applications in the region is derived from the need to stay closer to businesses and consumers to improve customer experience using cloud, AI [artificial intelligence], IoT [Internet of Things] and big data.

“SuperNap is the leader and offers higher service capabilities than any other data centres in Southeast Asia. Having such a great company as our customer reinforces WHAUP’s position as a standard service provider of solar power systems.”

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