IBM brings corporate trainer Aventis to the cloud in Singapore

IBM brings corporate trainer Aventis to the cloud in Singapore

Digitalisation aims to enhance the learning group’s speed of service and personalisation for customers.

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Singapore-based corporate trainer Aventis Learning Group has partnered with IBM to move its training management system (TMS) to the cloud.

The group hopes to enhance the personalisation of its learning courses, increase speed of service for users, as well as improve the company's ability to scale as the business embarks on a period of rapid expansion.

Leveraging IBM Watson and IBM Cloud, Aventis worked with the vendor’s team to identify and design ways to personalise customers’ enrolment experience, assess its course contents and meet end-user training needs.

The automated system is now capable of recommending the most suitable course for each user while alleviating administrative challenges. Before digitalisation, Aventis managed its training courses manually including through email and excel spreadsheets, which was cited as "highly repetitive" for employees and took away critical "focus time" at work.

According to feedback, 75 per cent of provider's customers have found the new system "effective" while making the booking process faster. Furthermore, the business claims that following implementation, staff productivity has increased due to reduced workloads and a more streamlined daily schedule.

“With the advanced capabilities of IBM Watson technology, our course recommendation solution can now offer personalised training and skills recommendations to individual learners to optimise their learning curve and skills capability,” said Samuel Teo, general manager of Aventis.

“It helps to optimise and continuously improve the learning model for our TMS. As it grows in experience, we will improve its ability to engage with customers learners on a one-on-one level and develop a unique enrolment experience and learning tailored for each of them.”

To fast-track the transformation journey, Aventis relied on a collaborative IBM approach called garage methodology which was designed to provide improved understanding of company needs, readiness for change, and potential solutions.

Additionally, IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding was used to analyse training needs and identify actionable recommendations for the courses. 

The minimum viable products (MVPs) are hosted on the cloud, allowing Aventis to expand its hybrid cloud approach to scale, independently manage and refine features of the MVPs without affecting the entire system. The overall project took three months to complete but the MVPs were completed in just six weeks.

“Our experience working with thousands of companies of different sizes and industries has taught us that enterprises who adopt cloud-native application development see a marked increase in efficiency, scalability, and productivity, as well as improved user experience,” said Colin Tan, general manager and technology leader of Singapore at IBM.

"IBM is happy to collaborate with training providers like Aventis taking the first step to embrace the growing trend of AI and cloud to gain a greater advantage in the market."

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