Standing with Ukraine: Calling for tech industry support

Standing with Ukraine: Calling for tech industry support

Please join our community efforts to help fund urgent humanitarian aid.

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Foundry (formerly IDG Communications) is calling on the technology industry across Asia Pacific to continue uniting as one and supporting Ukraine by increasing collective charitable donations to help fund urgent humanitarian efforts.

Funds raised – which have so far surpassed the $100,000 mark – will go towards providing medical supplies, emergency relief assistance including shelter, health, water, sanitation and providing basic aid items, as well as helping people restore contact with family members separated by the crisis.

The continuation of this initiative – which first started in early March – and invitation of support extends to individuals and businesses across the entire ecosystem – vendors, distributors, partners and end-users – and spans all markets from India to Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and every region in-between.

Through our Channel media brands at Foundry – ARN, Reseller News and Channel Asia – we aim to use our independence, reach and influence as a vehicle to mobilise the entire industry and concentrate collective efforts on providing financial support to help save lives in Ukraine.

Following consultation with the Consulate of Ukraine – and leading figures within the industry across Asia Pacific – the recommended course of action is for the technology industry to donate to Red Cross, a charitable organisation which still has full access to the people of Ukraine.

Based on this official guidance, Foundry has created a dedicated account representing our community and strongly requests urgent and unified support in this endeavour.

To donate, click here

“Devastating humanitarian crisis”

Since the escalation, Red Cross outlined that the world is watching a “devastating humanitarian crisis unfold”, with the number of casualties rising and health facilities struggling to cope.

"People are sheltering underground, often for hours on end, and are not able to go outside for fear of shelling," a spokesperson told Foundry. "Hundreds of thousands of people have no food, water, heat, electricity, or medical care. They are trapped in cities unable to escape. 

"Many are in great psychological distress and are asking for mental health support. Millions of people are fleeing into neighbouring countries with only what they can carry."

The ongoing violence also continues to damage critical infrastructure in Kyiv and other major cities, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without access to basics such as water, food, medicine and electricity.

“The emergency needs of the population are significant and comprehensive,” a Red Cross statement continued. “The most pressing needs are emergency medical services, critical medicines, health supplies and equipment, safe water for drinking and hygiene, and shelter and protection for those displaced from their homes.”

In response, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is coordinating its response, both in and outside Ukraine. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Ukraine Red Cross Society (URCS) are continuing to work across the country by coordinating closely with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC).

As the situation allows, more than 600 ICRC staff across Ukraine are responding to urgent humanitarian needs, together with the URCS and Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement partners.

“Teams will continue to repair vital infrastructure, support health facilities with medicines and equipment, and support families with food and hygiene items,” a statement added. “A key concern is contact with missing family members. Although people are trying to get in touch with family, internet connectivity is hampering efforts. 

“The Red Cross is receiving calls from people outside Ukraine to find missing family members. There are also a large number of calls being received from people in Ukraine asking to be evacuated and for solutions to leave the country.”

Ukrainian Red Cross

Since the conflict began, the Ukrainian Red Cross has supported over 300,000 people with assistance, alongside distributing 1000 tons of aid which includes food, bedding, blankets, tents, water and hygiene items across the country.

Red Cross teams have also been instrumental in supporting the authorities with the evacuation of people from cities and towns that are being attacked. To date, the Ukrainian Red Cross has supported the evacuation of approximately 58,000 people from Energodar, Sumy, Kviy region, Kharkiv and Kherson region.

Meanwhile at border points, Red Cross teams are arranging places for mothers and children and providing people with water, food and hygiene items. This is in addition to organising temporary accommodation and collection points to distribute items material goods (food, water, bedding, clothing etc).

The Ukrainian Red Cross continues to provide first aid, reaching more than 42,000 people. Across the country, volunteers are providing first aid and psychosocial support, transporting people to hospital, helping to reunite families through the Red Cross hotline, and delivering humanitarian aid to bomb shelters, medical facilities, and temporary accommodations for those who are displaced.

From a numbers perspective, the Ukrainian Red Cross currently runs 200 branches in almost every area of the country supported by 10,000 volunteers, 500 emergency response team members, 500 first aid trainers and 800 staff.

Donations will help provide emergency relief and longer term humanitarian support to people and communities affected by this unfolding crisis. That support may include:

  • Humanitarian activities to enable Red Cross and Red Crescent partners to address immediate and longer terms needs in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, including to people who are displaced. This includes emergency relief assistance such as shelter, health, water and sanitation.
  • Specialist aid workers to assist local teams to respond to the crisis.
  • Helping people restore contact with family members separated by the crisis by offering services to maintain family links and locate missing family members.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the support.

As an industry, please join us and stand with Ukraine. To donate, click here

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