Singtel doubles down on 5G with Paragon

Singtel doubles down on 5G with Paragon

Billed as an industry first, all-in-one orchestration platform will support 5G and cloud services.

Bill Chang (Singtel)

Bill Chang (Singtel)

Credit: Singtel

Singtel has launched Paragon, an industry-first platform that will support adoption of the 5G network, edge computing and cloud services.

In line with ongoing strategic objectives, Paragon will enable enterprise customers to maximise the telecommunication provider’s 5G network and activate network slices on-demand, in addition to deploying mission-critical applications on Singtel MEC (multi-access edge compute) and accessing a “robust ecosystem” of partner applications.

To ease delivery, ecosystem partners will have access to Paragon Marketplace, which operates like an app store and allows providers to integrate offerings through an industry standard application programming interface (API) to build and deploy solutions on the new platform.

Some of the offerings currently available include real-time fleet management, mixed reality and metaverse-based simulations, and smart warehouse management. As Singtel scales Paragon across the region, partners in the ecosystem will also have access to multiple markets based on the solutions they build on the platform.

The platform is designed to securely deploy applications in a hybrid fashion across the edge at Singtel MEC and public cloud environments. Specifically, the offering aims to reduce the complexity and time needed to adopt 5G MEC and low latency applications and services, enabling faster deployment of use cases, and thereby, long-term cost-savings.

Developed in-house, the platform comes at a time when many enterprises are undergoing rapid digitalisation and seeking out tailored 5G solutions for their industries, shared Bill Chang, CEO of Group Enterprise at Singtel.

“We understand the challenges and complexities that they face in managing the various networks, edge cloud applications and services with the required cyber security, resiliency and demanding service assurances required, cost-effectively,” said Chang, inducted into the Channel Asia Hall of Fame in 2020. “Paragon was conceived, developed and delivered to help enterprises meet those needs through a single platform.”

In referencing several successful trials already conducted on Paragon, Chang said the platform will benefit partners across an array of 5G-related fields, including chipset manufacturers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, apps and software developers, content producers, system integrators and solution providers.

Compared to the current 4G and public cloud-enabled edge computing solutions, Paragon also aims to provide a significant improvement in latency with higher bandwidth throughput from the provider’s 5G network.

In theory, this means increased performance and faster decision-making at the edge where the data resides, alongside enhancing autonomous system use cases such as robotics, drones and vehicles, plus real-time edge AI deployments.

Other key 5G features like network slicing can be done almost instantly, autonomously and as many times as needed. Enterprises can also optimise cost by utilising a network slice only when there is a need and for the intended duration.

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