Google will connect PCs, phones and Chromebooks with new synergy features

Google will connect PCs, phones and Chromebooks with new synergy features

Soon, more content will flow between PCs, Chromebooks and Android phones.

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Google's resolution for 2022 appears to be connecting Chromebooks, Android phones and PCs together for improved synergy and productivity. 

Based on a feature roadmap the tech giant released for the coming months, PCs appear to be a specific focus, though Google has already made progress in tying together components of its Android ecosystem.

At CES 2022, Google said it plans to work with the Acer, HP, and Intel to connect Android phones to PCs with Fast Pair, then use that as a bridge to share files with Android's Nearby Share, as well as sync text messages and even set up Bluetooth accessories. The features will be rolling out throughout the year, Google said.

What isn't clear is how these new features will coexist or improve upon Your Phone, the built-in Windows 10/11 feature that allows PCs and Android phones to transfer files (specifically photos) and interact with text messages. Certain Android phones will also allow Your Phone to interact with the phone's screen, too. 

What's more clear is that Your Phone will have some competition in this regard: For the first time with Android, we're also focused on building for other platforms, like Windows, whether it's in gaming, productivity or other areas, Google wrote in a blog post.

Where PC-like devices are concerned, Google's focus is in Chromebooks, and Google said it plans a number of small improvements in Chromebook connectivity over the coming months. 

Later this year, you'll be able to use your Android phone to help set up a Chromebook, including porting over your Google account and available Wi-Fi connections and passwords. (You can already see this today, somewhat, in the way Google uses your phone to set up Google Home devices and their associated services.)

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