Microsoft will push PC Health Check app to all Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft will push PC Health Check app to all Windows 10 PCs

But it's not that bad -- the app will be used as a dashboard for how well a PC is doing.

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Microsoft will soon begin pushing its controversial PC Health Check app to all PCs, partly to prepare them for the Windows 11 transition, but also to provide users with a dashboard to monitor the ongoing health of their devices.

The update, officially known as KB5005463, will install PC Health Check on all Windows 10 devices via Windows Update -- but, interestingly, not on devices that have already upgraded to Windows 11. The update's existence was previously reported by

Microsoft does say, however, that PC Health Check can also be uninstalled after it downloads, via the Windows 10 Settings menu (Apps > Apps & Features > App list (Windows PC Health Check) > Uninstall).

It's understandable if a user's first instinct is to remove PC Health Check, since that was one of the focal points of Microsoft's heavily-scrutinised TPM requirement for Windows 11. PC Health Check was originally designed to provide a pass/fail recommendation for a PC, letting users know if it would be upgradable to Windows 11.

Redmond then went back and forth on its hardware requirements for Windows 11, eventually landing on a compromise that PCs without the supported hardware required by PC Health Check would be able to upgrade to Windows 11, but without updates. Well, some updates -- anecdotal reports say some unsupported PCs are receiving Windows 11 updates, but they're not guaranteed.

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All of the confusion helped lead to our conclusion that users shouldn't upgrade to Windows 11 for now. But Microsoft hopes that the added value offered by the other features of PC Health Check will inspire users to leave it alone for now. 

The vendor has published a list of features that PC Health Check will provide:

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