AWS targets networking partners with new competency

AWS targets networking partners with new competency

Covers experience with network connectivity, network visibility and hybrid networks.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is set to promote consulting partners in the networking space with a new competency.

According to the tech giant, the designation, titled AWS Networking Competency for Consulting Partners, will assist customers in locating validated AWS networking consulting partners.

Specifically, the competency highlights AWS partners that have experience across three key areas in the networking market.

The first, network connectivity, covers experience with AWS Direct Connect, AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Virtual Private Network, AWS PrivateLink, AWS Gateway Load Balancer and AWS Global Accelerator.

As for the second area, network visibility, this includes the utilisation of AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager, Traffic Mirroring, VPC Flow Logs and Amazon CloudWatch.

The third area, hybrid networks, encompasses knowledge sourced from AWS Wavelength, AWS Outposts and AWS Local Zones.

Launch partners for the competency in the Asia Pacific region include Accenture and Deloitte.

“These partners have deep domain expertise in developing a consistent network and security policy, as well as solutions that offer a new way of routing traffic through private backbones and cloud cores,” said a blog post penned by AWS employees Pablo Sandoval, Sr, segment lead for networking, Vinod Kataria, principal partner solutions architect, and Christin Voytko, competency launch product manager.

“AWS Networking Competency Consulting Partners can help customers provide secure ingresses and convenient on-ramps into clouds to mitigate latency, improve availability, enhance application experience, and provide visibility and control in cloud networking.”

To receive the competency, partners need to demonstrate technical proficiency and have proven successful with networking projects including migration, modernisation, hybrid cloud, security at the edge and network visibility across a range of industries, including healthcare, retail and financial services.

The launch of the new competency comes a month after a report commissioned by AWS was released in September that claimed partners that go hard on training and certifications can tap into more benefits for their business than they realise, allegedly including higher average gross margins. 

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