VMware drives partners to multi-cloud and SaaS

VMware drives partners to multi-cloud and SaaS

Opens its Cloud Universal solution up to the channel.

Raghu Raghuram (CEO - VMware)

Raghu Raghuram (CEO - VMware)

Credit: VMware

VMware is ramping up its multi-cloud and subscription play through a raft of new partner solutions revealed at VMworld 2021.

During the virtual event, the virtualisation giant revealed it had opened up its hybrid and multi-cloud management tool, Cloud Universal, to channel partners, providing technical and sales support. Meanwhile, VMware’s Tanzu Application Platform (TAP), which helps developers build and run cloud-native applications on Kubernetes, will now be available for consumption on any cloud and as a managed service.

According to VMware, the solution will provide cloud acceleration benefits for existing VMware customers.

VMware Cloud on AWS will be a key part of the vendor’s hybrid and multi-cloud delivery push, with the vendor now providing technical assessments and proof of concept updates for the platform.

On a local front, the vendor has expanded its partner-to-partner accelerator to Asia Pacific and Japan, providing rewards to channel collaboration efforts.

Known as “sell-through,” the move essentially rebates partners that identify opportunities and book eligible orders and then “hand-over” to other partners, which activate the solution and facilitate consumption of VMware services.

Additionally, VMware Marketplace has now enabled buy and sell capabilities that are available for customers to purchase solutions directly through the platform.

The vendor worked with partners including DKube, Catchpoint and LicenseFortress to build the platform.

“At VMware, partners play a foundational role in our success and driving the industry forward,” the vendor said. “We’re excited to continue to work on providing our partners with more opportunities to leverage their unique skills and resources to deliver value across the entire customer lifecycle, especially as customer goals become more complex and change more quickly.”

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