Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger claims AMD’s time is ‘over’

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger claims AMD’s time is ‘over’

Shots fired: Intel believes Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids CPUs will put an end to AMD's time in the spotlight.

Pat Gelsinger (Intel)

Pat Gelsinger (Intel)

Credit: Intel

Intel is so confident in its upcoming Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids CPUs that its CEO just said AMD's time in the limelight will soon be over.

And yeah, AMD has done a solid job over the last couple of years. We won't dismiss them of the good work that they've done, but that's over with Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said in an interview with CRN's Dylan Martin.

Gelsinger spoke at length with Martin and talked about the three A companies that always come up when Intel is mentioned: AMD, Apple and Arm. Addressing AMD, Gelsinger's words clearly indicate Intel looks forward to the fight between its chips and AMD's Ryzen on desktop and laptop.

"Intel is back. These are the best products in their category. We have the best supply situation. We have the best quality software assets. The most respected, venerable technology brand in the industry. Yeah, that's what your channel readers need to be delivering to their customers," Gelsinger told Martin.

Gelsinger also said Intel's Sapphire Rapids CPU will keep Arm's sliver of success in servers just that, a sliver.

"When you think about the data centre space, the role of Arm is very minimal today, and us getting our act together, I think it stays that way," he said.

The last company Gelsinger addressed was Apple, and Gelsinger was a little less full-throated in forecasting imminent victory. In this battle, he pretty much put the entire ecosystem on blast.

"Our experience has to be better," Gelsinger told CRN. "So that's ultimately the tablet experience, the phone experience, the peripherals, the PC: They have to have a better experience, supported by a broad ecosystem of innovation."

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