AWS’ managed Prometheus service comes to APAC

AWS’ managed Prometheus service comes to APAC

Made generally available around the world.

Credit: AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched its managed Prometheus service into general availability, granting its access to partners and customers in Asia Pacific. 

The cloud giant first unveiled the open source solution for container environments in preview last December. 

Prometheus provides event monitoring and alerting technology for containerised applications, which AWS claims provides an “alarm on operational metrics at scale”. 

The solution will now be available in AWS’ cloud regions in Sydney and Singapore, as well as other global locations. 

Prometheus comes with capabilities such as recording rules and alerting rules and an alert manager, plus support for provisioning Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus workspaces, rules configurations, and alert manager configurations with AWS CloudFormation.  

Partners and customers can track their alerts on CloudTrail logs, such as when recording rules are deleted, alert configurations are changed, and more. Customers can also tag their Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus workspaces to help manage, identify, organise, filter, and control access to them, AWS said in a blog post. 

The release follows AWS’ launch of IoT Core for LoRaWAN and its data warehouse product Redshift ML in Asia Pacific. 

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