Group-IB teams up with VNPT-IT for a cyber-safe Vietnam

Group-IB teams up with VNPT-IT for a cyber-safe Vietnam

Will adopt Group-IB’s threat intelligence and attribution system.

Sergey Nikitin (Group-IB)

Sergey Nikitin (Group-IB)

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Vietnamese technology company VNPT-IT has struck a deal with Singapore-based cyber security solution provider Group-IB to jointly develop and provide solutions and services aimed at ensuring a cyber-safe business environment in Vietnam.

Specifically, the two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) stipulating that VNPT Cyber Immunity, which is a member of VNPT-IT and one of the leading cyber security solutions providers in Vietnam, will adopt Group-IB’s threat intelligence and attribution system. 

This means the Vietnamese provider, which is part the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), will gain access to what Group-IB claims is the largest database on threats and attackers directly relating to the entire VNPT group, as well as acute cyber security risks globally.  

As such, VNPT Cyber Immunity will now have access to a cyber intelligence repository containing data on state-sponsored attackers, malware strains and cyber criminal groups gathered in probes and incident response activities in the Asia Pacific region and beyond, a factor that will help it to effectively prevent and deter cyber attacks in the country and the broader region.

“VNPT Cyber Immunity’s vision is to create a full immune system for the digital space, digital nation, digital economy and digital businesses in Vietnam that is capable of resisting attacks from inside out,” said VNPT-IT Deputy CEO Nguyen Minh Luan.  

“The partnership with Group-IB aims to exploit threat intelligence in the Asia Pacific region to understand the international and regional cybersecurity situation, thereby developing complete security solutions. Those are the real values we bring to our customers in the golden information age.”

Thanks to the partnership with Group-IB, VNPT Cyber Immunity plans to further expand its service portfolio and market share, adding compromise assessment and incident response services.  

Essentially, the work between the two companies is expected to see VNPT Cyber Immunity turn into a full-blown managed detection and response (MDR) provider.  

“Together with VNPT Cyber Immunity, Group-IB will be able to deliver high-performance solutions and services to a broad range of customers in Vietnam,” said Sergey Nikitin, COO at Group-IB.

“It is my conviction that this partnership will immediately be able to bring increased cyber resilience and expertise to the local market,” he added.

Group-IB was founded in Russia but moved its global headquarters to Singapore in 2019 amid an in-market hiring spree for the cyber security vendor.

The business had been operating in Southeast Asia since 2015, and as reported by Channel Asia, had originally planned to make Singapore home at the end of 2018.

“Singapore is at the heart of the Asia Pacific region, which is a priority destination for the company’s business development: 29 per cent of Group-IB’s international revenue comes from the APAC region and Singapore in particular,” said Ilya Sachkov, CEO and founder of Group-IB, at the time.

“We are expecting this number to grow exponentially as we continue to invest in local talent and build close ties with the Singaporean business community.”

In July, it was revealed that Group-IB would be one of the first batch of international tech tenants to move into Singapore’s Punggol Digital District (PDD).

The precinct is claimed to be Singapore's first smart business district, integrating residential districts, a business park, a university campus, community facilities and a network of parks and waterbodies. 

Upon its anticipated formal opening in 2024, Punggol will serve as a living lab to test out new concepts of living, working and service delivery.

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