FPT fits out Vietnam field hospital facilities with fresh tech

FPT fits out Vietnam field hospital facilities with fresh tech

Rolled out in 24 hours.

Credit: FPT

Vietnam-based IT services group FPT Corporation has fitted out new field hospital facilities in Ho Chi Minh City with a range of essential technology equipment and facilities to support doctors in consulting and holding meetings. 

Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Health has set up a number of makeshift field hospitals to deal with the country’s ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The first two of these facilities, designated ‘Number 1’ and ‘Number 2,’ feature thousands of beds and specialise in COVID-19 treatment. 

Just before the operation of Field Hospital Number 1 kicked off, FPT Corporation swooped in to lend a hand by providing technology facilities and equipment.  

On 29 June, FPT undertook research, developed a strategy and came to an agreed plan with the hospital, with construction starting that same day. 

Among the technology delivered and installed by the IT services group was a Wi-Fi system with 100 routers, covering all four blocks of the site, including 232 rooms. The provider also brought in an online conferencing system, Onmeeting by FPT, as well as 20 PCs, a fleet of printers and security cameras, which have been installed at the first two field hospitals in the city.  

According to the IT services group, the objective was to enable the hospital to operate smoothly and safely in the middle of the tense pandemic situation.  

Broadly, FPT wanted to contribute to reducing doctors’ direct physical contact in the treatment process, protecting them and preventing COVID-19 to spread, while also enhancing the productivity of the field hospital facilities.  

The IT services group said it tried its best to finish constructing the new technology fleet in only 24 hours. Such a feat would typically take around five days, the company claimed.  

The final service check was finished and handed over to the City’s Department of Health within the morning of 30 June, FPT said, with the field hospital then ready to operate with the capacity of 5000 beds.  

“The installation of technology equipment must be executed promptly and well-timed to join hands in helping frontline doctors to proceed testing and consulting,” said Nguyen Van Khoa, FPT Corporation CEO. “Facing the intense and unexpected fourth wave of COVID-19, FPT wants to bring the best effort to prevent the spread and to protect the people in Ho Chi Minh City specifically and also [nationwide].” 

In early June, the IT services group kicked off a major digital transformation project for Vietnamese construction materials manufacturer Kim Tin Group

The agreement for the project, which was officially signed on 4 June, was considered to mark the beginning of one of the biggest deals and one of the most thorough projects of its kind in digital transformation within the Vietnamese commercial market, according to FPT.   

Just days earlier, in late May, the IT services group inked a deal to underpin the digital transformation of Vietnam Electricity Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC), a subsidiary of Vietnam Electricity (EVN). 

The partnership contract agreement sees FPT help EVNSPC realise the goal of transforming itself into a digital corporation by 2025. In this role, the IT services group is to digitally transform the company's electrical distribution and operational governing processes, helping to improve both the quality and efficiency of the processes of managing and commercially distributing power. 

It is hoped the project will deliver reduced costs while increasing the competitive capabilities of the corporation. 

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