SpaceDC delivers direct cloud connectivity to Indonesian data centres

SpaceDC delivers direct cloud connectivity to Indonesian data centres

Courtesy of a new partnership with Epsilon.

Darren Hawkins (SpaceDC)

Darren Hawkins (SpaceDC)

Credit: SpaceDC

Singapore headquartered data centre operator SpaceDC has partnered up with network-as-a-service (NaaS) platform provider Epsilon to deliver direct cloud connectivity to its data centre campus in Indonesia. 

Broadly, the move enables SpaceDC to deliver global network services and provide its customers with direct access to the some of the world’s leading cloud service providers. This means that SpaceDC can now support its customers across the region with extended reach and secure connections to the likes of Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.   

Epsilon, also headquartered in Singapore, provides a number of connectivity services. Its Infiny offering is an on-demand connectivity platform providing enterprises and service providers with a suite of high-performance connectivity and communications services. The company’s Cloud Connect offering, meanwhile, provides global infrastructure and network orchestration. 

SpaceDC claims its partnership with Epsilon will help it serve growing cloud demands in Southeast Asia, with the connectivity provider’s partner program enabling SpaceDC to gain global connectivity capabilities while benefitting from agility, scalability and expertise when rolling out new network services. 

Specifically, Epsilon’s Cloud Connect solutions bring on-demand direct cloud connectivity to SpaceDC’s ID01 campus in Indonesia, which houses the company’s two flagship data centres, JAK1 and JAK2, with Ethernet connectivity between Singapore and Hong Kong provided by Epsilon. 

“We’re seeing huge demands for cloud services from our customers across the region and we’re excited to be adding new capabilities to our JAK1 and JAK2 data centres,” said Darren Hawkins, SpaceDC CEO. “This partnership supports our future growth plans with extended reach to new markets, with the scalability to turn services up or down as needed.  

“We have the capabilities to take our business to the next level,” he added. 

Warren Aw, Epsilon Asia Pacific managing director, said the company looks forward to expanding its partnership to serve the growing demands for cloud around the world. 

“Cloud adoption is growing faster than ever across Asia Pacific and is even more significant amongst businesses in Southeast Asia,” Aw said. “With a diverse mix of emerging and mature markets, the region is now experiencing sharp demands for cloud as more companies digitalise to meet the increase in digital consumption. 

“We are well-positioned to support SpaceDC in enabling its customers to access the cloud through our global expertise as a cloud interconnect specialist and strong presence in this region. By using Infiny, SpaceDC can easily deliver scalable, on-demand cloud connectivity to its customers,” he added. 

SpaceDC revealed in 2019 it was spearheading the rollout of a new green data centre campus in Jakarta, billed as a first of its kind in Indonesia.

The initiative was at the time slated to use natural gas to produce electricity to power the facility, while also recycling waste heat from the gas generators to provide cooling through absorption chillers.

In April last year, SpaceDC partnered with Vertiv and DKSH Indonesia to enhance data centre capabilities through the deployment of advanced cooling technologies, in a move designed to drive energy and space efficiencies.

Specifically, Vertiv and DKSH -- the vendor’s exclusive distributor in Indonesia -- used cool air fed in a horizontal direction from the side of the wall into the data hall. 

The thermal walls feature large coils which require less pressure to be applied, while passing air across wider surface areas to reduce the amount of energy required to power the walls.

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