Tableau completes redesigned partner network rollout

Tableau completes redesigned partner network rollout

After being launched in September last year.

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Analytics platform vendor Tableau unveiled its redesigned global partner program, Tableau Partner Network (TPN), in November 2019, launching the program in September 2020. Now, nearly 10 months later, the company claims to have finally completed the rollout of the program. 

The Tableau Partner Network was originally introduced to help streamline the prior line-up of reseller, technology, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and alliance partner tracks down to just reseller, technology and services in premier (top), select and member levels, designated by newly launched branding. 

The announcement came just three months after Salesforce snapped up Tableau in a US$15.7 billion deal, with the program initially planned to begin being rolled out in the first half of 2020. However, the TPN program was eventually launched later in the year. 

The Tableau Partner Network is designed to align and measure partners against performance-based criteria in the countries they do business in instead of globally. It is hoped this element will enable customers to find a qualified, local partner more easily. 

Under the program’s tiering system, reseller partners are able to identify customer needs and support implementation and accelerate adoption to get customers up and running quickly with Tableau. 

Services partners optimise customers' Tableau investment and provide value through implementation, change management and other value-add services to help ensure data transformation initiatives are successful.  

Meanwhile, technology partners provide complementary technology solutions to Tableau that augment and extend the platform, bringing the data that matters to an organisation, all into one place, the company noted. 

The requirements within the new program are designed to ensure partners have the foundational capacity and capability to deliver long-term customer impact in a given country. 

"The next phase of our newly redesigned Tableau Partner Network is officially here," said Julie Bennani, senior vice president, worldwide partners and alliances at Tableau, in a blog post on 24 June. "Originally announced during the Global Partner Summit at Tableau Conference 2019, and launched in September 2020, we built the Tableau Partner Network (TPN) to enable our global ecosystem to meet evolving customer needs and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

"The Tableau Partner Network is an analytics-focused ecosystem that complements Salesforce’s partner ecosystem.

"With this latest phase, we’ve unlocked new partner branding to showcase our partners’ commitment and expertise. Customers now have a more transparent view of the commitment and quality level of Tableau’s partners by business model track (reseller, services, and technology) and performance level (premier, select and member), as well as by country groupings versus a single global qualification. 

"These changes make it easier for customers to find and confidently work with the right Tableau partner, knowing they meet Tableau’s standards and are local if desired," she added.

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