Money talks: Apple’s quarterly report is filled with clues about what’s coming next

Money talks: Apple’s quarterly report is filled with clues about what’s coming next

Reading between the lines of Apple's second quarter 2021 results.

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Every three months financial analysts and journalists tune in to hear Apple report its quarterly results with the hopes that maybe, just maybe, they can find some wheat among the chaff, some gold among the dross about what makes the company tick and, more importantly, where it—and thus the entire tech industry—are going.

Of course, Apple's executives know this too, and have their famously cautious poker face in place, careful to avoid slipping too much helpful information into their responses. And so the game is played on and on, endlessly, and it was recently played last week when Apple announced its monster second quarter results.

Still, if you're attentive—and if you've watched the company for a while and seen how it conducts itself—you can often pick out some interesting tidbits to chew on.

After all, a company as big as Apple doesn't turn on a dime, and there are leading indicators—to use a bit of financial jargon—that can help us see where exactly the ship might be pointed next.

I'm so excited

There's nothing that Apple watchers want to know more than what the next big product coming out of Cupertino might be. They scrutinise supply chains, try to draw information out of company contacts, and, of course, closely pore over every public statement by Apple.

When it comes to Apple's financial calls, one key phrase that often signals what areas Apple might be interested in is very excited. If you were listening during last week's financial call, you would hear that exact phrase uttered by Apple CFO Luca Maestri in relation to precisely one product category: Wearables.

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