Palo Alto Networks reveals cyber security consulting group

Palo Alto Networks reveals cyber security consulting group

Unit 42 will be led by Wendi Whitmore.

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Palo Alto Networks is putting a new cyber security consulting group together, under the expanded Unit 42 banner. 

The group combines former Crypsis security consultants with its Unit 42 research team, coming under the leadership of Wendi Whitmore. 

Palo Alto purchased incident response, risk management and digital forensics consulting firm The Crypsis Group for US$265 million in August last year.

The Unit 42 consultancy will offer a set of services to help organisations rapidly respond to threats, as well as proactive services that will complement the Palo Alto product set, tackling complex cyber threats from ransomware through to state-sponsored espionage. The consulting group will also expand incident response services into Asia, Europe and Middle East. 

“Our increasing reliance on technology has turned cybersecurity into an existential matter,” said Wendi Whitmore, senior vice president of cyber consulting and threat intelligence at Palo Alto Networks. “We wake up every day focused on collecting and analysing the most up-to-date threat intelligence and applying our analysis to respond to cyberattacks.”

Unit 42 was established in 2014 and has produced more than 650 reports and regularly partners with global government entities.

The group was named as a nod to the number 42 in the comedic science fiction novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” because it focuses on providing "the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything" — for cyber threats. 

Recently, Palo Alto Networks unveiled an enhanced approach to partnering through prioritising specialisation, incentives and enablement as the core tenants of a revamped go-to-market channel strategy.

Under the banner of NextWave 3.0, the refresh is designed to help partners differentiate services and build new security expertise in response to increased customer demand.

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