A new iMac would be Apple’s most significant release in years

A new iMac would be Apple’s most significant release in years

More than any other product, the iMac is a symbol of Apple’s innovative spirit.

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On Tuesday, Apple plans to kick off the spring season with some big announcements during its Spring Loaded event.

We're mostly expecting a ho-hum affair, but one rumour that gained traction recently caught our attention: Apple may be preparing to launch a new iMac, not just one with Apple silicon, but a model that's completely redesigned for the first time in nearly two decades.

If Apple delivers—and that's still a bit of a sizeable if—the iMac will not only be the most important announcement at Tuesday's event, but it will also be Apple's most important product in years.

Beyond M1

You might say that Apple's M1 Macs released last year were the most important Macs in many years, and there is no denying that—the successful launch of Apple silicon was important on many levels. But the follow-up to the M1 might be even more important.

Now that we know what the M1 can do, we'll be looking to see where Apple is headed with the system-on-chip that's likely to power the Mac for the foreseeable future.

The gains the M1 has over its Intel counterparts are extraordinary, which, in turn, has created high expectations for the next chip in the series.

The iMac might seem like a consumer device, but it's a computer that's popular with both general users and professionals, so Apple needs to deliver on performance, if not in the entry-level model then certainly in the higher ones. It will be important to see if Apple can continue widening the performance gap with these higher-end SoCs as we anticipate where Apple's roadmap is headed.

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