AWS Network Firewall flares up with Singapore region availability

AWS Network Firewall flares up with Singapore region availability

Allows users to deploy network protections for their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released its Network Firewall service in Singapore, allowing users to deploy network protections for Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) to inspect and filter traffic to, from and between VPCs.

The offering also scales with network traffic to support “hundreds of thousands” of connections, according to the cloud giant.

Additionally, the service has a rules engine with support for thousands of custom rules that are based on, among other definitions, IP, port, protocol, domain and pattern matching. It also accepts rules that are written in common open source formats.

Furthermore, AWS Network Firewall works with AWS Firewall Manager to allow users to centrally manage security policies across existing accounts and VPCs, as well as providing real-time firewall activity monitoring through Amazon CloudWatch metrics.

AWS Network Firewall incurs an hourly rate for each firewall endpoint, at US$0.395 an hour, while traffic processing is charged at US$0.065 per gigabyte.

If users opt to create a NAT gateway in a VPC along with Network Firewall, standard NAT gateway processing and per-hour usage charges are free for every hour and gigabyte charged for Network Firewall endpoints.

In addition to being made available in its Singapore region, AWS Network Firewall was also released in the cloud giant's Mumbai and London regions. It also follows the January release of its availability in AWS' Sydney region

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