AWS launches serverless application course

AWS launches serverless application course

Covers how developers can build, secure, deploy and manage serverless applications.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a new instructor-led course that focuses on serverless application development and developer productivity. 

Set over three days, the intermediate-level course, Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS, broadly covers how developers can build, secure, deploy and manage serverless applications. 

According to the cloud giant, the course informs how to design and build serverless applications while also learning how to use observability and monitoring features to manage applications. 

The course also covers deployment, set to be taught through AWS Serverless Frameworks — AWS Serverless Application Model and AWS Amplify — in hands-on labs that range from simpler to more complex topics. In addition, developers will also be taught best practices for writing AWS Lambda functions. 

The instructors, which AWS claims are accredited experts with the cloud giant, are also available to answer questions, work through solutions and provide feedback. 

According to AWS, the course is aimed at developers that have some level of understanding of serverless architecture, as well as experience with development in the AWS cloud. 

Specifically, the cloud giant recommends for participants to have a familiarity with the basics of AWS Cloud architecture, an understanding of developing applications on AWS equal to its Developing on AWS classroom training, as well as a knowledge base of serverless digital training on par with its AWS Lambda Foundations and Amazon API Gateway for Serverless Applications courses. 

While the course is available virtually, current classrooms are available on various dates from April to September, with sessions starting at 10AM UTC-4 and 9AM UTC-5. Private training is also available. 

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