Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partners up with GLC in the Philippines

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partners up with GLC in the Philippines

The ALE SIP device business specialises in audio technology for the desk phone market.

Manila (Philippines)

Manila (Philippines)

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Philippines systems integrator and telco specialist Gur Lavi Communications (GLC) has partnered up with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s (ALE) SIP (session initial protocol) device business unit, bringing the vendor’s open SIP DeskPhones, headsets and associated services to local partners. 

Operating under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand, the ALE SIP device business specialises in audio technology for the desk phone market, with a focus on developing and providing a range of SIP-based products that can be integrated into a variety of solutions. 

GLC, meanwhile, is a Manila-based technology provider that operates as a telco distributor specialising in business communications solutions, including IP telephony devices, on-premises and cloud solutions, voice, video solutions and more.  

The new partnership will bring the ALE SIP device business unit’s open SIP desk phones, headsets, and localised services from Gur Lavi Communications to the Philippine market. 

"ALE SIP Devices delivers one of the most sought-after business communications solutions in today's enterprise market,” GLC president and CEO Erwin Co said. “As the exclusive partner for SIP devices, we are very excited to deliver these solutions, and address our customer demand with an expanded number of resellers throughout the country,” he added. 

For Zhengang Li, general manager of ALE’s SIP device business unit, GLC represents a trusted distributor in the Philippines, with its specialisation in business communications.  

In January, ALE expanded its long-time Singapore distribution partnership with Exclusive Networks into the broader Asia Pacific market, with a new deal between the two companies covering Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Thailand. 

Exclusive Networks has distributed ALE’s communications and collaboration solutions in Singapore for the better part of the past 20 years.  

The new, expanded agreement between the two companies, both of which are headquartered in France, sees the cyber security, networking and unified communications distribution specialist offer the full gamut of ALE’s networking and communications solutions to its regional reseller network.   

Moreover, the companies have indicated that the distribution partnership will be expanded further to more territories throughout Asia Pacific by next year. 

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