Intel mocks Apple by hiring the 'I'm a Mac' actor

Intel mocks Apple by hiring the 'I'm a Mac' actor

Intel taps Justin Long, the former Apple spokesperson, to bludgeon Macs over touch screens, gaming, and more

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Apple's former "I'm a Mac" dude now says MacBooks actually kind of suck now that they're not based on x86-chips. That's right: Actor Justin Long, who wrankled PC fans for years with Apple's catchy "I'm a Mac" commercials from the late 2000s, has turned on Macs.

The series of videos posted on Youtube punch the Mac platform over a lack of hardware diversity, touchscreens, and 2-in-1 capability.

All that, plus invisible gaming capabilities and even the inability to run three monitors simultaneously. The videos even parody the same catchy jingles that Apple used in its commercials, which Steve Jobs once deemed too funny at one point.

Obviously, Long is just a front man for the company that pays his bills, but Intel's claims cut deep because they're true. MacBooks inexplicably don't feature touch, nor the popular 2-in-1 form factor. Hardware diversity is also pretty poor, as you get one vendor choice. PC gaming, as poor as it was when Apple used Intel CPUs, is non-existent now with the company's move to its custom Arm-based M1 CPU.

The last dig at the MacBook is also demonstrably true and puzzling: While a Windows PC laptop can support multiple monitors, the M1-based MacBook is limited to only one external display.

Former "I'm a Mac" actor disses Mac hardware diversity choices:

And, yeah, Macs suck for PC gaming now:

Hand me my Blackberry, I don't want touch!

Perhaps one of the oddest limitations of the new M1 MacBook is the inability to use multiple monitors.

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