Google Cloud launches Mission Critical Services offering

Google Cloud launches Mission Critical Services offering

The move is the latest effort by the cloud vendor to bolster its support for enterprise customers.

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Google Cloud has launched a new Mission Critical Services (MCS) offering for its platform, with the solution available for purchase by the vendor’s Premium Support customers.

The move is the latest effort by the cloud vendor to bolster its support for enterprise customers, according to Google Cloud customer experience vice president John Jester. 

“Our customers told us they wanted to have more support as they continued to scale their businesses on our global infrastructure,” Jester said in a blog post. “So, we overhauled our Voice of the Customer Programs, expanded our Customer Advisory Boards and launched a brand-new, independently run Google Cloud customer community. 

“We also rolled out Event Management Services for retailers and other businesses dealing with peak traffic loads — and introduced new Compliance and Security Assessments and Assured Workloads to make it easier for customers in regulated industries to configure their cloud environments.

“Today, we’re raising the bar even further with the launch of Mission Critical Services (MCS) for GCP,” he said.  

The new service is a consultative offering in which the vendor partners with enterprises, unlike some premium services in the market that tend to offload the full burden of mission-critical support to a cloud vendor.

When an organisation rolls out the MCS offering, Google Cloud partners with it on a step-by-step process through assessment, remediation and onboarding. Google Cloud brings customers’ architecture, control, observability and measurement into Google-standard Mission Critical Operations mode.

Once a business has engaged with Google Cloud’s MCS team, the vendor can help to drive the continuous improvement of an environment through biannual tune-ups, architecture reviews and other ongoing check-ins.  

“Our highest tier of engineers will have deep familiarity with your workloads, allowing us to monitor, prevent, and mitigate impacts quickly, delivering the fastest response in the industry. For example, if you have any issues—24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week—we’ll spin up a live war room with our experts within five minutes,” Jester said. 

The new offering is an add-on to Google Cloud's Premium Support offering, which can be resold by channel partners.

According to Jester, the service is built on the same methodologies Google Cloud uses to support its own infrastructure, including a set of core concepts and methods that the vendor’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams have developed over the past two decades.

“MCS is available now for GCP [Google Cloud Platform] customers who subscribe to Premium Support, have the minimum recommended Technical Account Manager coverage and have qualified mission-critical environments,” Jester said.

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