Sydney cyber SaaS player Avertro expands into Singapore

Sydney cyber SaaS player Avertro expands into Singapore

Seeks multiple distributors and channel partners in the market.

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Sydney-founded cyber security start-up Avertro has launched a footprint in Singapore as part of a major push into the Asian market. 

The venture-backed software-as-a-service company has begun a hunt for an in-country leader for Asia as well as a local distributor and channel partners. 

Avertro provides a software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that focuses on the “business benefits of cyber security”, which the company says “quantifies the value for the whole organisation”. 

Founder and CEO Ian Yip added that cyber security was a key investment for both the Singapore government and local organisations. 

Ian Yip (Avertro)Credit: Avertro
Ian Yip (Avertro)

"The Singapore market is key to our growth strategy in Asia,” the former McAfee talent said. “It is also one that I'm extremely familiar with, having worked across Asia Pacific for years in prior roles. 

“We've validated that the problem we solve exists within the Singapore market and our unique ability to address the challenges at hand is one more step toward our mission to improve the cyber resilience of organisations globally.” 

The move follows Avertro’s entry into the New South Wales Going Global Export Program, with Yip adding: “We look forward to collaborating with the NSW Government as well as our potential channel partners in the region.” 

Avertro declined to name any current customers in the market but said it had a number of early design partner organisations that will eventually become pilots and production customers. 

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