AWS unveils fresh migration, cloud governance and machine learning partner training

AWS unveils fresh migration, cloud governance and machine learning partner training

New courses for AWS partners

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has revealed new and updated courses for partners in the areas of advanced migration, security governance and machine learning.  

Among the new courses the cloud vendor has made available via its AWS Training and Certification function is AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Advanced Migrating to AWS (Technical), an advanced course that provides prescriptive guidance on how to migrate workloads at scale.  

This course also covers common migration patterns and challenges in large-scale migrations.  

With this course, partners will learn how to identify use cases for re-hosting, re-platforming and re-factoring legacy applications to AWS Cloud. Partners will also learn how to determine which applications are good candidates for automated modernisation.

Also available is the AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Security Governance at Scale (Business) course, which is designed to help sales and business professionals learn how to qualify customer opportunities around security governance at scale.  

This course covers topics such as AWS account management, cost control, security and compliance through automation, along with best practices for establishing an automated, simplified, and secure framework for governance at scale.  

AWS has also launched a major update to its AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Machine Learning on AWS (Business) digital course.

This update will see partners learn how to identify and qualify customer machine learning (ML) opportunities, how to help customers navigate the ML solution-building process and how to use such experience to build an AWS ML solutions practice.

In October last year, AWS launched a partner training course designed specifically for its technology partners on migrating applications to AWS. Just a month earlier, the cloud giant launched two courses for learning about media-focused AWS services for live streaming and video on demand (VOD) creation.

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