ThaiSri Insurance teams up with Juniper and CTC Global to overhaul network infrastructure

ThaiSri Insurance teams up with Juniper and CTC Global to overhaul network infrastructure

Responds to “exceptional increase” in network demand to roll-out EX4300 Switches

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ThaiSri Insurance has deployed artificial intelligence (AI) solutions from Juniper Networks to upgrade and automate network infrastructure management capabilities, supported by specialist partner CTC Global.

Operating as one of the largest insurers in Thailand, the business responded to an “exceptional increase” in network demand to roll-out EX4300 Switches managed with Mist Wired Assurance, which leverages AI-powered automation to reduce human error and infrastructure bottlenecks.

The Mist software - a product of the vendor’s acquisition of Mist in March 2019 - is designed to provide a “unified approach” to managing Juniper network infrastructure through providing IT administrators with a single plane of glass, supported by real-time visibility across connected network devices and servers and delivered via a single dashboard.

Through Virtual Chassis technology, up to ten interconnected EX4300 switches operate as a "single logical device", with the aim of reducing operational expenses and simplifying management.

“For over 10 years, our partnership with Juniper Networks has built a stable and scalable system that has empowered ThaiSri to grow rapidly in a digital-first world,” said Teerawut Chanachote, manager of Systems and Technology at ThaiSri Insurance.

In leveraging the support of CTC Global - a technology provider with expertise in infrastructure services and enterprise integration - Chanachote said the deployment has “significantly enhanced” the insurer’s overall digital sales capabilities, allowing the business to address a 200 per cent increase in insurance sales demand since 2020.

“The deployment of Juniper’s AI-driven solutions has set a strong foundation for even further digital transformation in the future, which allows us to continue to offer the cutting-edge services that are responsive to our customer and employee needs,” Chanachote added. “In fact, we are already reaping the benefits of the AI-driven network refresh, where increased workloads are executed without disruption.”

As a result of the revamped AI-driven network, ThaiSri can now also centrally manage and orchestrate devices and services, “substantially reducing complexity” in the process. This has allowed the business to “quickly deliver” new applications and services to the market, while also enhancing digital experience levels for customers.

“ThaiSri Insurance is a front-runner in digitally transforming insurance services in one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic economies,” said Ang Thiam Guan, vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific at Juniper Networks.

“Similar to how ThaiSri is supporting the ambitions of millions of Thai businesses and consumers by underwriting their risks in the most efficient and intuitive manner, we are excited to be able to support their growth through our AI-driven solutions. I am confident that with Juniper, the customers they serve will be able to reap the benefits of a stable, reliable and efficient network infrastructure.”

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