App modernisation ahead as Aspire NXT targets post-pandemic expansion

App modernisation ahead as Aspire NXT targets post-pandemic expansion

Specialist system integrator targets growth in UK and the Philippines

Tony Mathew (Aspire NXT)

Tony Mathew (Aspire NXT)

Credit: Aspire NXT

Aspire NXT is prioritising the delivery of application modernisation services amid plans to expand market capabilities beyond the traditional heartlands of Singapore and India.

The specialist system integrator - which launched in 2010 - is targeting the key markets of the UK and the Philippines during the months ahead, building on current locations in India, Singapore, Malaysia and the US.

“We intend to leverage our international sales network to maximise cross-border business opportunities and make in-roads into new markets,” said Tony Mathew, managing director of Aspire NXT. “We will also explore investment opportunities through acquisitions and investments, as well as strategic alliances and joint ventures with suitable partners.”

According to Mathew - when speaking exclusively to Channel Asia - plans are also in place to explore opportunities in relation to manufacturing operations, expanding into multiple countries to provide a “competitive advantage” when servicing customers primarily at mid-market and enterprise levels.

Central to such efforts will be a heightened focus on app modernisation - specifically serverless and microservices architecture solutions - to help customers capitalise on the potential of digital transformation, underpinned by data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and security.

“Since Covid-19, customers have accelerated spend on digital initiatives and projects which reduce operational costs immediately,” Mathew observed. “Looking back on 2019, this validated our belief that customers are seeking to modernise legacy apps while also drawing powerful insights from data to make better business decisions.”

More than 65 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) across Asia Pacific is expected to be digitised within the next three years as the enterprise accelerates recovery plans post-pandemic. Offering a ray of sunshine amid an otherwise gloomy forecast, fast-tracked digital transformation investments are expected to create “economic gravity” with regional technology spending set to hit US$1.2 trillion between 2020 and 2023.

That’s according to IDC, which claims that while the immediate Covid-19 crisis is past, recovery from economic, social and business disruptions will dominate investment decisions during the next five years.

“The customers which have embraced digital initiatives and embarked on cloud adoption are struggling to realise their goals,” Mathew cautioned. “Adopting new technologies and approaches is difficult with a legacy mindset meaning that businesses which are bold and break free are making significant strides in the digital journey.

“Digital transformation has had a significant impact on top-line revenue during these difficult times and we must be relevant to customers who have changed decision-making and purchasing processes. Customers also need to aggressively drive cost reduction through optimisation and lean IT initiatives to ensure they receive maximum value for money.”

Previously known as 3in Solution before rebranding to Aspire NXT, the business first started out as a system integrator in Bangalore a decade ago, before expanding into Singapore to kick-start Southeast Asia operations in 2015 - Malaysia soon followed two years later with the US subsidiary launched in 2018.

From a technology perspective, the provider specialises in the delivery of data centre, cloud, digital and end-user solutions, wrapped up as a managed services offering.

Aspire NXT recently took home Analytics and Machine Learning honours during the Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner awards in ASEAN, recognising project work with customers including Boost, one of Malaysia’s largest payment platforms. This is in addition to achieving Digital Workspace VMware Master Services Competency in October.

“As we continue to invest in our people, processes and technology, this competency affirms our commitment to understanding an organisation’s business needs and delivering the technology and services to achieve them,” Mathew said.

In housing more than 300 employees - with new additions “almost every week” - Mathew has also doubled down on investments in sales and marketing to take advantage of the “tremendous opportunity” to help customers digitally transform in Asia and beyond.

“Companies that leverage cloud technologies - consuming and paying only for what they use - see significant value in the solutions that we provide,” he added. “We evaluate alternate approaches and choose the least cost path that meets the required performance which has a direct bearing on the bottom-line for companies. We have a strong focus on cost optimisation to ensure customers receive return on investment."

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