State of Innovation: Are partners aligned to customers?

State of Innovation: Are partners aligned to customers?

In-depth research findings across Southeast Asia to be delivered during State of Innovation

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In-depth research examining customer investment and outsourcing priorities across Southeast Asia is now underway, with findings set to benchmark customer plans against partner strategies.

With analytical findings set to be delivered at State of Innovation - a virtual experience running on Thursday 21 January - the research will offer the clearest indication yet as to whether the ecosystem is aligned with the end-user market following the economic disruption of Covid-19.

Partners, distributors and vendors located across Southeast Asia are now invited to complete the research - set to take approximately 15 minutes - by clicking here, to help provide guidance on the future priorities of the local market.

Delivered in partnership with Tech Research Asia, this research will focus on the short- to medium-term opportunities ahead for the channel, spanning customer, partner and vendor / distributor, assessing similarities and differences across the wider industry. Key markets include Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, in addition to Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

For partners, findings will uncover what makes end-users tick across Southeast Asia, alongside insights into the purchasing patterns of businesses, assessing how customers define value in the modern market, and the key attributes required for future success.

Alongside technology - both established and emerging - investment plans, this research will equip partners with the knowledge of future customer trends specific to the local market, and crucially, how to add new levels of value as the buyer evolves post-pandemic.

Delving deeper, findings will also outline what customers truly think of solution providers from a pros and cons perspective, offering critical advice from an engagement and selling standpoint.

Likewise, the research will benchmark partner answers against that of customers and vendors / distributors, providing an opportunity to assess whether the channel is aligned in terms of value and investment.

Maintaining the partner theme, the research will also assess the health of the ecosystem across Southeast Asia, probing the channel’s handling of Covid-19, alongside its ability to respond and recover in the months ahead.

Collectively, this research will provide a clear picture of spending habits across Southeast Asia, offering in-depth insight into how the channel can be successful in the months and years ahead.

Findings will be delivered at State of Innovation, launching as an exclusive invite-only virtual experience for business technology leaders across Southeast Asia on Thursday 21 January, built on the foundations of education, recognition and advancement. This experience will house two leading Channel Asia initiatives in 2020; Innovation Awards and State of the Channel.

State of Innovation will offer step-by-step guidance around revised end-user priorities in the months ahead, supported by honouring outstanding work through customer value and innovation at partner, distributor and vendor levels.

Attendance at State of Innovation is by invitation only, limited to decision-makers shaping the technology landscape across Southeast Asia.

To take part in the research, click here

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