Westcon closes the breach with AttackIQ distribution deal

Westcon closes the breach with AttackIQ distribution deal

The vendor's security optimisation platform (SOP) is designed to enable a “seamless threat-informed defence” across an organisation.

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Westcon-Comstor has signed an agreement with breach and attack simulation provider AttackIQ to distribute the vendor’s solutions in a number of regions, including Asia Pacific (APAC) and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Based in San Diego, California, AttackIQ is backed by a number of investors, including Telstra Ventures and Qualcomm. 

The company operates a security optimisation platform (SOP) that is designed to enable a “seamless threat-informed defence” across an organisation. 

The company describes itself as an independent vendor of breach and attack simulation solutions, with its SOP designed for continuous security control validation and improving security program effectiveness and efficiency. 

As part of AttackIQ's offering, breach and attack simulation (BAS) provides tools for optimising the usage of an organisation's existing security infrastructure by continuously testing, validating and assuring security controls work as expected.

Broadly, AttackIQ’s platform enables a security operations centre to anticipate, prepare, and hunt for threats that may impact their business.

The vendor’s solution represents a valuable offering for Westcon, according to Daniel Hurel, vice president of cyber security and next gen solutions for the distributor in EMEA.

“AttackIQ is a great addition to our Next Generation Solutions (NGS) go-to-market strategy and complements extremely well our detection and response offerings,” Hurel said. “Businesses in the digital age need reliable tools to measure and manage cybersecurity effectiveness, and AttackIQ gives customers the most consistent, trusted and safest way to test and validate security controls at scale and in production.

“The brand’s security optimisation platform allows leadership to make better decisions about people, processes and technologies while streamlining costs and delivering tangible security outcomes. 

“We are proud to be delivering AttackIQ’s solutions to such wide territories and we are confident that many businesses will benefit from them...we expect this solution to be an exciting opportunity for Westcon partners to help companies improve their security posture against threat actors,” he added.

According to Carl Wright, chief commercial officer at AttackIQ, the distribution deal comes as breach damage bites “worse than ever”.

“In 2021, cyber damage on the global economy is expected to reach US$6 trillion annually — more than the GDP of Germany and the United Kingdom combined,” Wright said. “Lacking tangible data and insights about the effectiveness of security programs, business leaders struggle to make smart decisions about the security of their companies, which is where a BAS platform focused on optimising security has a key role to play. 

“With AttackIQ, customers not only get a great technology platform, but also free advanced cybersecurity training with AttackIQ Academy to develop practitioner capabilities,” he said. 

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