Microsoft launches Azure Modular Datacentre

Microsoft launches Azure Modular Datacentre

Will allow cloud computing capabilities in hybrid or “challenging” environments.

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Microsoft has launched its Azure Modular Datacentre (MDC) for customers requiring cloud computing capabilities in hybrid or challenging environments, including remote areas.  

According to the vendor, the MDC “complements” its Azure Space offerings and partnerships that can extend satellite connectivity anywhere in the world.  

Scenarios touted by Microsoft range from mobile command centres, humanitarian assistance, military mission needs, mineral exploration, and other use cases requiring high intensity, secure computing on Azure. 

“The MDC can give customers a path to migrate apps to Azure while still running these workloads on-premises with low-latency connections to their own data centre,” the vendor said in blogpost. “This provides a stepping stone for transforming workloads to the Azure API with the option of continuing to run these apps on-premises, or in public or sovereign clouds.” 

Microsoft claimed customers can run the centre with network connectivity, occasionally connected or fully disconnected.  

“This is a unique, powerful capability that allows customers to access the power of the Azure cloud on their terms,” Microsoft added. Microsoft is partnering with satellite operators to provide an option for connectivity to field deployed MDC units.

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