SPTel sizes up software-defined network potential, targets enterprise in Singapore

SPTel sizes up software-defined network potential, targets enterprise in Singapore

New offering billed as a "cloud-like network"

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SPTel has rolled out a new software-defined network (SDN) offering designed to expose enterprise customers to emerging technologies delivered as-a-service across Singapore.

Billed as a “cloud-like network”, the solution is built to provide increased levels of flexibility and scalability, underpinned by on-demand services such as bandwidth and network security. In addition to facilitating edge computing, storage and Internet of Things (IoT) implementation, the service is delivered on an “as needed” basis through a recurring consumption plan.

“SPTel is redefining the role of the modern network provider, leapfrogging traditional network vendors by leveraging the latest technologies,” said Titus Yong, CEO of SPTel. “Our leading-edge digital solutions will shape the market with new innovative and sustainable commercial models, ultimately delivering an end-to-end network solution that drives better total cost of ownership for customers.”

According to Yong, the offering also provides “proactive” distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) detection and automated mitigation services, leveraging built-in virtual security capabilities spanning firewalls, web applications and secure email protection. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence monitors the network and auto-reroutes traffic on detection of disruptions.

Operating as a joint venture of ST Engineering and SP Group, SPTel will also maximise its fibre pathways, ultra-low latency network and edge cloud computing capabilities in an attempt to drive digitalisation agendas across the city-state, supported by increased IoT deployments.

Currently, SPTel has partnered with several SME IoT service providers to materialise smart city initiatives such as contactless temperature sensing, smart bins and utility tracking. Through this engagement, plans are in place to "build a community" of IoT solution providers to deliver a "more integrated, agile and cost-effective" smart nation suite of solutions.

SPTel's IoT-as-a-service and edge cloud can also be further enhanced with SDN, as additional sensors, connectivity and computing power can be provisioned at pace through the management dashboard.

“All of this can be provisioned on a utility basis, so customers can scale their IoT deployment as requirements grow without hefty upfront investment,” Yong added. “Beyond the platform, a skilled workforce with the relevant expertise and competencies to operate the new technologies and specialised processes of the SDN is critical.

“We are committed to grooming our local tech talent and accelerating their professional development through programmes such as the Company-Led Training Programme [CLT] under the Infocomm Media Development Authority's TechSkills Accelerator initiative. We presently have 54 professionals undergoing training under the CLT, and are planning to train another 59 by 2021.”

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