AWS launches live streaming and VOD services training courses

AWS launches live streaming and VOD services training courses

Two free of charge intermediate-level digital courses take 60 minutes to complete

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched two courses for learning about media-focused cloud services for live streaming and video on demand (VOD) creation.

The two intermediate-level digital courses are free and focus on AWS’ Elemental MediaLive and Elemental MediaConvert products. The courses take 60 minutes to complete each and are designed for individuals that are responsible for the day-to-day operations and monitoring of video workflows.

The first course, AWS Elemental MediaLive Primer, focuses on the broadcast-grade live video processing service’s live streaming video workflows. Through this course, users can learn about creating video streams for delivery to televisions and internet-connected multiscreen devices, such as connected TVs, tablets, smartphones and set-top boxes. 

Meanwhile, the AWS Elemental MediaConvert Primer course focuses on the operational aspects of the file-based video transcoding service’s VOD workflows. In this course, users are taught how to create VOD content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery at scale, looking at how to format and compress offline videos for delivery to televisions and connected devices.

Before users start these courses however, AWS recommends that users first go through its media foundations course for media operators, which takes a total of two days, three hours and 10 minutes across nine separate courses.

The majority of the media foundations course is free, with the exception of the two day Media Essentials for IT Business Decision Makers classroom, which costs between US$1200 - $1450 depending on the education supplier.

These are the latest courses added by AWS to expand the knowledge base of the users of its products and follows the addition of Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytic courses for members of its partner network in August.

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