ServiceSource and strike strategic partnership

ServiceSource and strike strategic partnership

Under the deal, ServiceSource customers will now have the ability to automate their renewal sales operations using the platform.

Nick Verykios (

Nick Verykios (

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Installed asset lifecycle management platform operator has inked a strategic alliance with customer journey experience company ServiceSource.

Under the deal, ServiceSource customers will now have the ability to automate their renewal sales operations using the platform and its revenue retention capabilities.

In addition to securing renewals and retaining existing revenue, ServiceSource customers will also have the ability to take a consultative approach aimed at delivering further value to their end customers. 

Through the platform’s capabilities, ServiceCourse customers will be able to proactively mine their installed base of assets or contracts to automatically identify and action opportunities such as end of life, end of service, refresh, upsell and cross-sell, with the platform able to generate pre-validated quotes based on various parameters.

According to chief strategy officer Nick Verykios, who officially joined the company in an executive capacity earlier this year, revenue management, which sits at the core of the company’s offering, is becoming significantly more complex and analytical in today’s market, resulting in increasing difficulties for decision-makers to keep pace with, and stay on top of, developments in the field.

“Despite this, it's more critical than ever to stay vested in and proactive about revenue management,” Verykios told ARN. “And this is why Service Source chose us to partner with to accelerate their customer experience initiatives inside their installed base which they have been building over two decades – they would know. 

“There are loads of descriptive and acronyms being thrown around but when it comes to the crunch, we are all talking about revenue management. This is the important piece for the channel,” he said. 

For CEO Scott Frew, the deal will see help ServiceSource customers capture recurring revenue in an automated and cost effective manner. 

“With this partnership, the cost of prospecting is no longer there, just the opportunity,” he said.

In June, launched a simplified version of its platform, called ‘ Lite’, aimed at smaller value add resellers and service providers. Lite gives resellers and services providers the ability to proactively optimise every net new and recurring revenue opportunity throughout their entire product life-cycle.

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