Ademax supports first responders in Vietnam through collaborative Cisco tech

Ademax supports first responders in Vietnam through collaborative Cisco tech

Hanoi-based specialist leverages Webex across government and commercial markets

Nguyen Danh Thuan (Ademax)

Nguyen Danh Thuan (Ademax)

Credit: Ademax

Amid the ongoing battle to curb the spread of Covid-19 across Vietnam, specialist partner Ademax is increasing support efforts through the deployment of collaborative Cisco technology at public and private sector levels.

Spearheaded by Webex, the Hanoi-based provider is rolling out unified communications offerings at scale within government agencies and commercial organisations, fuelled by a sizeable - and seemingly permanent - shift in remote working.

“Together with Cisco, we are always sharing solutions with the Vietnamese government and the people to help prevent Covid-19,” said Nguyen Danh Thuan, president and CEO of Ademax. “We are also assisting customers that are facing difficulties during this period, doing this with all our heart and energy remains our top priority.”

Leveraging Cisco’s collaborative suite of video conferencing solutions - namely DX80 products - Ademax is supporting the Vietnam Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control alongside the Ministry of Health and key government officials. This is in addition to providing doctors in red zones at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases with remote collaboration access in a bid to decrease the risk of infection through technology.

“This is the first line hospital of anti-epidemic in Hanoi,” Danh Thuan explained. “We helped facilitate remote consulting as well as discussion between doctors and physicians, especially between the isolation area and the outside world through a stable and high quality solution.”

During the early phase of the pandemic, Danh Thuan said the highest demand for video conferencing solutions initially came from the government, as well as businesses across health and education sectors.

From a small to medium-sized business (SMB) perspective, the cloud-based Webex offering has become the solution of choice in Vietnam with Ademax rolling out the product to more than 300 businesses during March and April alone.

“Customers are requiring quality and stable solutions because working from home during this period is a top priority,” he added. “Ease of use and delivery of a good experience are also important factors, as well as security.”

To further support challenged customers across the country, Ademax joined forces with Cisco to deploy a ‘Work From Home’ program via Webex - delivering solutions free of charge to more than 300 organisations nationwide.

Alongside an enterprise edition, technical support was also provided for Webex during major online events delivered by both government agencies and commercial customers, including the ASEAN Online Conference of the State Securities Commission on Financial Services and Security World Conference & Expo 2020.

“Through these programs, our staff have also helped businesses improve awareness around better understanding the importance of collaboration and applying technologies to this new era,” Danh Thuan outlined. “The aim is to increase efficiency and work outcomes while allowing customers to seize opportunities, transform businesses and succeed.”

Overcoming Covid-19 impact

Speaking exclusively to Channel Asia, Danh Thuan said the pandemic has created new challenges for businesses in terms of enabling remote working at scale, with concerns rising regarding employee productivity, internal collaboration and network security.

“Customers have faced many difficulties in holding important meetings during the social distancing period,” he said. “But thanks to the determination of the government, along with awareness from the people, controlling and containing the pandemic in Vietnam has so far been successful.

“But clearly from a global perspective, the consequences of the pandemic are enormous. The market has slowed down and so has the IT industry meaning corporate and business investments have also slowed. We think the impact of the disease will continue for the rest of 2020.”

In operating at the beating heart of the Vietnamese technology ecosystem, Danh Thuan recognised that such an economic downturn will naturally impact customer investment priorities during the months ahead.

“The overall reaction is to reduce investments during this period,” he acknowledged. “As a Cisco partner, we are highly appreciative of the timely actions taken by Cisco during the pandemic. The support has been very significant through a series of campaigns launched to target specific groups of customers which has helped enhance efficiency levels and bring relief to organisations.

“We are in sync with Cisco as we work with a very large number of customers in Vietnam to help minimise the impact of Covid-19 through the use of technology.”

According to Budi Santoso - head of ASEAN Partner Organisation at Cisco - the vendor reached out to partners during the initial stages of the pandemic across Southeast Asia, offering immediate support via Webex.

“It’s very heartening to see such a strategic deployment of Cisco Webex to support the Ministry of Health in Vietnam, first responders and small businesses in the country,” he added. “We are looking forward to see governments and businesses in Vietnam continuing to benefit from Cisco’s collaboration portfolio as they emerge from the pandemic and navigate this new normal.”

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