ACPL Systems primed as cloud, security and collaboration ‘rule the roost’

ACPL Systems primed as cloud, security and collaboration ‘rule the roost’

New normal of ‘zero trust’ security here to stay

Vishal Bindra (ACPL Systems)

Vishal Bindra (ACPL Systems)

Credit: ACPL Systems

ACPL Systems is prioritising the deployment of cloud, security and collaboration technologies during the next 12 months, motivated by increased customer demand across India and beyond.

In assessing the changing market landscape, Vishal Bindra - CEO of ACPL Systems - was unwavering in his belief that such offerings will “rule the roost” for customers in the short- to medium-term, ahead of heightened end-user requirements in 2021.

“The priority is around cloud-enabled services, cyber security and solutions focused on collaboration, productivity and automation,” he outlined. “The Covid-19 crisis has put resilience to the test with many processes now redefined. Now we know what has worked and what hasn’t worked better than before.

“For example, the concept of an office space as an essential aspect of working is starting to fade away. To ensure that we can quickly work from anywhere, we will naturally see businesses move to the cloud.

“Cloud and internet connectivity has proved beyond doubt that it can deliver during a crisis meaning lots of customers will start to explore moving critical infrastructure to the cloud. Also, collaboration, productivity and automation solutions will be needed together to deliver what will be known as a ‘be remote but be efficient’ approach to working.”

Founded in 1990, ACPL Systems is headquartered in Gurgaon and operates as one of India’s leading cyber security specialists, backed by professional services and technical support capabilities. For Bindra, cyber security will continue to experience high demand from customers, irrespective of company size or sector focus.

“Cyber security has traditionally been a layer put after the business architecture has been decided or installed in a corporate plan,” he acknowledged. “Now with infrastructure and applications moving faster to the cloud and the consumption happening away from a controlled office environment, this shift calls for the new normal of ‘zero trust’.”

As a result, Bindra forecasts a “significant uptake” on cloud, communication and end device security - “that’s the big change”.

“We have been constantly working with our customers over the years to transform security approaches from reactive to predictive by providing a complete range of solutions, spanning assessment, gap analysis, design, deployment, manage and improve,” he added. “We have also developed many internal IPs to deliver a seamless and secured experience to customers, backed up by our 24x7 command and incident support centre.”

Learning from Covid-19

In looking back on the early weeks of the pandemic, Bindra referenced a business mantra that has shaped ACPL Systems’ approach to growth during the past three decades.

“We have always believed in doing business that is right for our business health,” he explained. “During these times, we have to learn to say no to unhealthy or opportunistic business deals.

“The two most important pillars in our business are our employees - they are our assets and help execute our plans - and our customers, who keep our business going. It's a see-saw situation for the two sides, which constantly swing in balance."

Speaking as an executive leader, Bindra outlined the importance of ensuring such a balance continues during the challenging times of Covid-19 and into the recovery phase.

“It's important to be sensitive to both the sides and help them in equal measure,” he said. “That’s a tough situation as your customers and weather the challenge of Covid-19.

“Most of our customers are in a stressful situation and they will need our help in every possible way to deliver internally. Our teams are working beyond normal limits to deliver because they need to be assured that they are safe and we are there to take care of our customers.

“Being truthful and being upfront will ensure that we will not get into any unforeseen issues. The most important lesson is 'don’t do good because you expect good back, just do it because it makes you feel better as a human'."

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