‘Extraordinary circumstances’ test leadership at NewWave Computing

‘Extraordinary circumstances’ test leadership at NewWave Computing

Bengaluru-based system integrator emphasises importance of cash flow

Vasudevan Subramaniam (NewWave Computing)

Vasudevan Subramaniam (NewWave Computing)

Credit: NewWave Computing

Amid the chaos of Covid-19, and as the age-old phrase suggests, ‘circumstances reveal who you are’, a sentiment endorsed by Vasudevan Subramaniam as managing director of NewWave Computing.

“These are undoubtedly extraordinary circumstances wherein your leadership is put to the test and we are all experiencing it,” he acknowledged. “On a positive side, this represents a great moment to re-enforce our commitment to our teams, our customers and to our technology vendors.”

In response, NewWave is increasing engagement levels at customer and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) levels, driven by a motivation to “educate, explore faster and execute together.”

“We learnt to ride this wave by identifying and choosing the right offerings, given the nature of challenges our customers are facing,” said Subramaniam, when speaking exclusively to Channel Asia. “We focused on strong governance in execution through good leadership, as every member of the team is now in work from home mode. We realised that cash is king, more so during these times, hence our renewed focus on cash flow.”

Established in 1999, the Bengaluru-based provider offers technology products, solutions and services spanning edge computing to cloud, targeting mid-size to large-scale organisations. With more than 1800 customers, the system integrator operates across the Indian cities of Chennai, Kochi and Hyderabad, delivery transformational services specific to workforce, IT and security.

“The new normal is centred on building IT to ensure 100 per cent of employees can work from home - anywhere and anyplace - and not 20 per cent of the workforce as in the past,” Subramaniam outlined. “Therefore, key priorities for organisations include secure collaboration amongst the remote workforce, customers and partners. Also, ensuring the highest quality of experience during these engagements is very crucial.”

In response, Subramaniam said NewWave must create “invisible IT” capable of “flawlessly serving” end-user needs under the surface.

“This calls for a reassessment of data centre infrastructure and business continuity plans,” he said. “This represents a move from data centres to centres of data.”

In short, Subramaniam expects digital transformation projects to accelerate across India, spinning up within three months rather than three years as a result.

“We anticipate that the velocity of technology adoption will accelerate significantly, post Covid-19,” he added. “There are many proven technology solutions to address all of these challenges. Through our partnerships with leading vendors in the industry, we at NewWave hope to deliver true value to our customers.

“The value of NewWave in the eyes of buyers and vendors is based on our ability to unlock new ideas and demands through our offerings which helps differentiate us from the competition. To make this possible, we strive to have deep engagements and deeper conversations that result in the delivery of business outcomes.”

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