‘Be prepared, be innovative, be agile’ - Galaxy goes all-in on remote working

‘Be prepared, be innovative, be agile’ - Galaxy goes all-in on remote working

Mumbai-based system integrator bets on ‘work-from-anywhere’ technologies

Anoop Pai Dhungat (Galaxy Office Automation)

Anoop Pai Dhungat (Galaxy Office Automation)

Credit: Galaxy Office Automation

If there is one learning to single out amid the chaos of Covid-19, Anoop Pai Dhungat will point to an enhancement of his motto as a boy scout - ‘be prepared, be innovative, be agile’.

Speaking as chairman and managing director of Galaxy Office Automation, Pai Dhungat is going all-in on technologies capable of enabling “work-from-anywhere”, as the Mumbai-based system integrator enhances cloud, security and mobility offerings.

“Post-pandemic, we are betting on all technologies that can enable ‘work-from-anywhere’ and allows employees to work from any device, anywhere in the world but with the same security and assurance as if they were working on an internal network sitting in the office,” he outlined.

Supported by virtualised desktop and back-up expertise, Galaxy goes to market as a leading managed service provider in India housing deep VMware specialisation with “ready-to-go” virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offerings already in market.

“Our well established security and mobility units, already having secured more than a million personal assets for enterprise use, are well equipped to handle these requirements and along with a few more solutions to increase employee productivity, we are in the best position to usher in our customers through this very difficult phase,” said Pai Dhungat, when speaking exclusively to Channel Asia.

Galaxy has more than three decades of experience integrating technology solutions across multiple industries and geographies, housing over 200 certified professionals across a range of offerings, including data centre, cloud, networking, cyber security and mobility.

“Organisations with a business continuity plan already in place could be operational much earlier than those who don't,” Pai Dhungat advised. “Innovativeness, or Jugaad as it is known locally, has also played a great role. Agility is very important to tweak to help modify standard operating procedures and business processes to adapt to the changing conditions in different parts of the world."

However, Pai Dhungat cautioned there will be "many more" learnings ahead as businesses gradually return to work across India and the wider region.

“Until the time a vaccine and cure is found, a lot of things will change," he acknowledged. "From the way we travel locally to our office or client meetings, to the delivery of services, office seating arrangements, meetings, entertainment, education, medical care and shopping - the list is endless.

"A lot of industries will find it difficult to operate in their pre-Covid avatars, such as travel, hospitality, sports, event management and a whole lot of companies dealing with large gatherings. Even politicians and priests will have to find alternatives to their gatherings and congregations."

As a result, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Pai Dhungat said accommodations must be made irrespective of company size, stature or sector.

"Facial recognition companies will have to change their algorithms to account for everyone wearing masks while fingerprint and other contact based devices will have to figure out a safer way,” he explained. “Commercial real estate will have to adapt to the fact that almost everyone has now discovered the virtues of working from home. We will all have to learn to get used to a new normal and that will be the biggest learning."

At Galaxy, Pai Dhungat said the business is built around the delivery of four core principles; customer care and delight; the highest level of integrity, respect for the individual and the pursuit of excellence through quality.

"Apart from this, our constant endeavour is to accept and adapt ourselves to external changes in the market which has kept us going for the past 33 years and will continue to do so,” he added. “At Galaxy, we agree with Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, who said ‘change is the only constant in life’.”

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